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Whitsundays Sailing Adventures accommodates the demand for scuba diving on our range of live aboard sailing vessels. Participate in an introductory (minimum 20 minutes) or certified scuba dive aboard your chosen yacht on one of our scheduled departures or private charters.

Please note: A dive medical may be required from a local Doctor before you will be permitted to participate in diving activities.

Island Diving

Experience first hand what diving the Whitsundays Islands is all about? Sheltered coral reefs, challenging swim throughs, massive coral structures and overhangs with amazing fish tropical life, turtles, mantarays and gropers. Many of the fish are tame and will swim right up to inspect you at the same time as you being in awe of them! The Whitsundays are the best place for your first scuba experience with easy beach entries. The shallow water around the islands provides an excellent teaching ground.

Outer Reef Diving

Beyond the islands and their fringing coral reef lays the outer Great Barrier Reef and together they provide some of the most incredible snorkelling and diving you will ever experience. Cruise to the outer barrier reef, some 2-3 hours beyond the islands and witness the spectacular marine life. The vessels and crew will ensure that even first time divers feel safe and are able to enjoy the splendor of our magnificent coral reefs.

Which Boats Offer Diving?

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