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  • Visits the outer reef (weather permitting) as well as Whitehaven Beach and the Whitsunday Islands
  • Small numbers, only 14 guests with 3 crew
  • Fully equipped for Scuba diving with compresser on board
  • All meals prepared fresh on board
  • All cabins and saloon fully Air-conditioned
  • Fully covered aft deck to protect you from the tropical heat

Kiana Whitsundays

Sail and Dive the Whitsunday Islands and Outer Great Barrier Reef (weather permitting) on the 16.4m ketch Kiana. Below decks Kiana is fitted out for maximum comfort for 14 passengers. Relax in Kiana's large roomy saloon and comfortable cabins. Kiana's saloon and all cabins are fully air-conditioned to ensure your comfort during those steamy tropical evenings. Above deck there’s lots of room for gearing up to go diving, snorkelling or relaxing in the sun. Our skipper, hostess and dive instructor will ensure you enjoy the best of both worlds, sailing and diving by day and great food and a relaxed atmosphere in the evenings.

Activities on Kiana

Scuba Diving

Kiana offers scuba diving for both experienced and first time divers. 


Enjoy snorkelling the pristine waters of the outer Great Barrier Reef the few get to experience.

Bush Walking

Kianas crew will guide you on an easy bush walk to the lookout overlooking Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island.

More about Kiana

Visit the Outer Reef

To ensure that our guests get the most out of their three days in the Whitsundays Kiana visits that best locations that the Whitsundays has to offer including the outer Great Barrier Reef.

Fully Equipped for Diving including Compressor

Kiana is fully equipped for both snorkelling and scuba diving so all you need to bring is a smile.  Kiana has an onboard high capacity dive compressor so your diving will not be limited to the number of spare scuba tanks that can be carried as is the case with most sail and dive vessels.

Maximum 14 Passengers and Crew of 3

Kiana carries a maximum of 14 passengers ensuring that our guests are never crowded.  Our crew consists of a qualified Skipper, Dive Instructor and Cook/Deckhand.  A crew of three ensures that Kiana's guests never lack attention.

All meals are prepared on board Kiana from fresh ingredients.  Our unique "marine hangi" (pronounced hungy) will satisfy the gourmet within you.  The Hangi is a traditional New Zealand Maori method of cooking in an earth oven.  On Kiana we have adapted this concept with our own marine version.

Roomy Air-conditioned Interior

Being a deep draft vessel Kiana is particularly roomy below decks.  All cabins and the saloon are fully air-conditioned to ensure comfortable temperatures in the heat of the tropics.  The quality of Kiana's teak finish provides an ambience that cannot be matched by the plastic alternatives.

Kiana has single and double accommodation in shared cabins.  If you require more privacy we have private twin cabins available for a small extra charge. 

Kiana has two large bathrooms with electric toilets and freshwater showers.  Our high capacity hot water system ensure that hot water is always available.

Large Permanently Shaded Aft Deck

The tropical sun can be very severe, particularly on those with fair skin from cooler climates.  Kiana provides the best of both worlds with ample deck space for sun baking and a huge permanently shaded rear deck where you can cool off.  The rear deck also provides protection from the elements on those rare occasions when there is a tropical rain shower.

Only the Best Locations

Kiana operates in the Whitsunday area of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, a world heritage listed area that stretches from Bundaberg in the south to Cape York in the north.  To ensure that our guests get the most out of their three days in the Whitsundays Kiana visits that best locations that the Whitsundays has to offer.  The best locations can vary according to season and weather conditions.  Kiana's Master has extensive experience of the islands and Great Barrier Reef and will choose the locations that will give you the best experience possible for the conditions that prevail on your trip.

Bait Reef

Bait Reef is the choice outer reef destination in the Whitsundays.  Bait Reef is totally protected from all forms of fishing under the Great Barrier Reef plan of management and consequently is rich with marine life of all types.  The natural lagoon provides a safe haven for overnight mooring.  With an abundance of diverse dive sites Bait Reef is an Eden for both Scuba diving and snorkelling.

Whale Watching

During June through September each year vast number of whales migrate from Antarctica to the Whitsundays to give birth to calves and mate.  The most common whale that you will see during this period are Humpbacks although occasionally other types such as Minkies can be spotted.

Whitehaven Beach

You will spend an afternoon on Whitehaven Beach, world renown as one of the most beautiful beaches.

Hill Inlet and Whitsunday National Park

Your trip on Kiana includes a guided bushwalk through the Whitsunday National park and a visit to the Hill Inlet lookout where the views can only be described as spectacular.

Hook Island

Your trip on Kiana includes a visit to the best dive and snorkelling site in the Whitsunday Islands, the north end of Hook Island.  Sites like Luncheon Bay, Mantray Bay and Mackerel Bay will take you breath away with the beautiful soft corals and diversity of marine life. This is also an ideal spot for first time Scuba divers where you can start your diving experience from a gentle beach.

Kiana Testimonials

Kiana Apr 2018

Absolutely breathtaking, so fortunate to have experienced the magnificent GBR on such an amazing vessel. Snorkelling about the reef is nature at its very best, such a lucky country we live in. Brent and his crew Wil and Ari were so professional, knowledgeable and friendly. We ate like kings, slept like babies and snorkelled like fish. Once in a lifetime experience, highly recommend Kiana as the way to experience Australia’s Whitsunday natural playground. Thank you again for the wonderful memories Sarah, Adam, Belle & Georgie xxxx

Sarah, Adam, Belle & Georgie xxxx, Australia

Kiana Mar 2018

Kiana was absolutely everything I had hoped for and exceeded my expectations in every way! Definitely book Kiana for an awesome 3-day sailing and diving tour, the only tour that goes out to the actual Great Barrier Reef to dive and snorkel, and a tour that is more focused on adventure, nature, and diving, than just mindless partying. You can drink if you want -- but that is definitely not the main focus here which I loved.
The crew on board were awesome -- Brent was a great captain and a pleasure to talk to, Ari made delicious food and snacks, and Ludovic (Ludo) was possibly the best dive instructor and all-around awesome guy we could have hoped to have on board.
It was my first dive and Ludo made me feel super relaxed and made sure I was comfortable with everything. He even had a great sense of humor, busting out some killer dance moves underwater ;)
Ari, cheers for being an awesome cook and taking such great care of us!
Brent, our captain sailed us to Whitehaven beach at the most perfect moment, to witness the Hill Inlet lookout at its finest, right in between the tides, with perfect weather outside. Really appreciate the effort and planning involved with timing this perfectly for us. It was definitely the most incredible natural view I've ever seen with my own two eyes.
We were super lucky to have perfect weather during all 3 days, even though it's rainy season. This was a real nice bonus.
The other people on the tour were also really nice and in similar age brackets and mindset, which was nice.
I had brought some sea-sickness pills with me which really helped. They also sell them on-board Kiana if you forget or you're lazy.
Kiana's owner even came to the marina to greet us, both when we got on and off the boat, to make sure we had an awesome experience.
Thanks for probably the most awesome 3-days of my life that I will remember forever.

Elad, Israel

Kiana Oct 2017

We have had an exceptional few days with Brent, Ari and Sam, on Kiana.  We were welcomed warmly which in itself was a memorable moment as they got off Kiana to take us aboard!  Their care and attention continued throughout the few days, both on & off Kiana.

The whole experience has been truly memorable ........and on cold wet winter nights back in the UK we will look back and think...'we actually went to the Great Barrier Reef..wasn't it just brilliant'

Our very grateful thanks to each of them and thank you for the loan of Kiana! We were sad to leave!

We wish you all well.

Tim and Judy, UK

Kiana Apr 2017

Our trip on MS Kiana was amazing and certainly one of the the major highlights of our once-in-a-lifetime month holiday in Australia. We would not hesitate to recommend this 3 day/2 night trip to anyone who wants to combine some diving and snorkelling on the far side of the Great Barrier Reef with a visit to Whitehaven Beach and some fabulous sailing in the Whitsundays. In the blink of an eye we would sail with Kiana and her brilliant crew again!

We found Kiana as the result of lots of on-line research prior to our trip and knew this was the only boat trip (April 24-26) we wanted to do; the only trip that offered the combination of all the things we were looking for. However, Cyclone Debbie hit Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays in March 2017 and caused devastation. Watching the news on TV from the comfort of home in the UK, we could not begin to imagine the extent of the damage to the underwater world in the Whitsundays and the GBR,  and how it might impact on the snorkelling and diving just one month later. Time and Mother Nature will heal the damage - but not soon enough for us!

There were 14 travellers and we all met up with Adam (dive master on our trip) at the marina at 8 in the morning. Once on board we were greeted by the owner Greg (who then departed), introduced to Roland (also a dive master but chef on our trip), and given a safety briefing by Brent (the captain). It was clear right from the start that he had years of experience, ran a tight ship and certain rules had to be followed. This instilled a sense of confidence and you felt that this was clearly a professional team who knew what they were doing and would keep you safe.

We were given a quick guided tour of the boat - beds and bathrooms to the fore and aft which were clean and tidy if a bit small. And also given instructions on the two minute water limit in the shower, and what not to do with the toilets!! There is also a communal sitting area downstairs but we never used it, preferring to either sit upstairs  in the shaded area at the back or lie on the deck in the sun at the front.

There was no hanging about and by 9 we were sailing towards Whitsunday Island to go ashore in the tender and visit Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach for a few hours. At the time we were there the waters were not crystal clear as a result of Debbie damage, but it was still stunningly beautiful. By the time the sun set we had moored up in a quiet bay off Hayman Island for the first night, and after dinner at 7 and drinks under the stars we were lulled to sleep by the gentle movement of the waves. 

Next morning we were up for breakfast at 6 and afterwards we dived in Blue Pearl Bay, but with visibility at just 2m it was disappointing, and we sailed on accepting that things would have been very different in these islands pre Debbie - and soon would be again - and hoping for better on the Reef.

By 9 we had left our peaceful mooring and set sail for the 3 hour journey to the Great Barrier Reef. This was a rough ride for a few of those on board at 20 knots with 1.5 metre waves. No one wanted to venture below but most were fine up in the fresh air.  Not everyone was ready for lunch though when we reached our destination and moored up - but most recovered quickly when food was served! Must mention here how tasty, varied and plentiful the food was on board; Roland looked after us well.

We were moored up in a quiet lagoon on Bait Reef and this was our base for snorkelling and diving until we started the long and peaceful journey home the following day; the sea was flat as a millpond on our return and we saw dolphins along the way.

On arrival at the Reef we had our first dive. It was an experience and there was plenty to see, but with visibility at just 7m it was not the dive in crystal clear water on the GBR that we had dreamed of. However Adam was an enthusiastic and attentive dive master who made sure that the diving was a positive experience for everyone who participated. On our trip 6 of us were certified divers, and 6 were try-divers and there was the chance for each of the groups to dive 3 times. There was also lots of opportunity to snorkel which was lovely with plenty to see close to the surface and easy access to the boat.

Just want to say how grateful I was to both Adam and Brent for the extra help they gave me. Although I am a certified diver and had passed the necessary pre-holiday medical required due to age and stage, at 64 and with RA, I am not as physically strong as I once was. Exiting the water and getting back onto the boat with tanks etc was a challenge too far! However, with their assistance I was able to tick 'diving on the GBR' off the bucket list!

Our second night was spent moored up on Bait Reef, miles from land and far from any light pollution. And wow ........ the night sky was just miraculous. Lying on our backs on the deck in total darkness, the skies were beyond beautiful.

The boat was lovely, the 3 crew were brilliant and looked after us well, and our fellow travellers - of all ages and from all over the world - were great company. Our trip on MS Kiana was an awesome experience and we will always treasure the memories. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Diana Hunt (nee Garretts), UK

Kiana Jan 2017

A big thank you to the team at Kiana for my wonderful trip over the weekend. It was great to get back out on the water. What an exclusive way to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, such a great key selling point for them. The trip was wonderful and the crew were fantastic. The skipper was very enthusiastic and I think that is so important for these kind of trips.

Emma, Australia

Kiana Mar 2016

We were thrilled with our three day/two night cruise on the MS Kiana.  The snorkeling and diving at Luncheon Bay (Hook Island) and Bait Reef were spectacular and our walk and swim on Whitehaven Beach was fabulous.  We also enjoyed meeting our fellow passengers (three couples and two single persons) from Europe and Canada. 

Our captain and crew were outstanding.  They were cheerful, enthusiastic, encouraging, tireless and efficient.  Their daily schedules provided time for relaxing and socializing but also maximized our time in the water.  Brent (our captain) and our dive instructors (Chris and Francesca) are masterful at organizing and leading snorkel and dive trips which accommodate beginner, intermediate and advanced abilities.  My first two introductory dives were on the Kiana and Francesca made it easy for me to overcome my fears and doubts so I throughly enjoyed two dives (one at Hook Island and one at Bait Reef).

The boat offers plenty of shade as well as relaxing sun bathing locations.  Its very clean and extremely well maintained.  The snorkel and dive equipment and wetsuits are first class.  I highly recommend the MS Kiana and will definitely sail with Brent and his team on my next visit to the Whitsunday Islands.

Ann & Rod, USA

Kiana Feb 2015

We had an absolutely amazing trip with Kiana not only because of the perfect weather conditions, but also because of very dedicated, serviceminded, professional staff members. They gave all and a bit more to make this boat trip a lifetime experience and we are very grateful for all the efforts made and can only recommend Kiana as the perfect boat trip in Whitsunday Islands...

Birthe H. Eriksen, China

Kiana Jan 2015

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone at Kiana for the wonderful trip Francisco and I had with you guys earlier this week. We were very excited about finally diving on the reef and the trip far exceeded our expectations!
Brent is an exceptional skipper - he really made the trip for us :) A huge huge thank you to him for doing such a wonderful job! It was also really nice having new skipper Greg on board - he has fabulous stories to tell - please let him know we took the detour down Glen Isla Rd and saw a field with about 50 kangaroos, Francisco was so excited he jumped out of the moving car :) Great tip Greg - even as a local I didn’t know that one!
A big big big thank you to Cindy for taking care of us on the diving front, she was just amazing and as the only certified diving guests on board we felt really well looked after. We absolutely loved it! Cindy really made the trip enjoyable for everyone on board and it will be such a shame for you guys to lose her to WA!!
Thanks again for the wonderful experience. No doubt we will be back some day to sail again with you guys and we will definitely be recommending the trip to any friends travelling to the reef.
All the best for a happy and safe start to 2015.

Cheers, Maddie, Australia

Kiana Aug 2014

The 3 days I spent on the Kiana earlier this week were amongst the best 3 days of my life!!!! Brent, Theo and Cindy were great as were the rest of the passengers. The return journey under sail was just awesome and exhilarating. Theo was so patient about my diving and Brent showed me the stars!! The food was excellent and Cindy did a brilliant job looking after us.
Please pass on my eternal thanks to the crew for giving me such an amazing experience and memories.

Margaret, England

Kiana May 2014

Fabulous Trip, unforgettable experience, top crew !

Simone, Germany

Kiana May 2014

There is nothing quite like being under sail a, closing your eyes and imagining....
And that’s what the MS Kiana, from Airlie Beach, offers.
It was an absolutely marvellous and memorable diving adventure on the outer reef

Over three days we Whitehaven Beach (stunning as the photos) sailed/motored to the outer reef and had two consecutive days of diving.

Captain Brent runs a tight ship and makes sure your diving adventure on the schooner lives up to your expectations. He’s a great story teller and full of information on sailing, boats in general and the Whitsundays. Perfect for a single Ancient Mariner on a boat of delightful people from seven different countries whose ages ranged from early 20’s to early 30s. We liked being under sail but came for the diving and were not disappointed.
Lily the Diving instructor knows her stuff and makes sure that you get the most out of every dive. She has the time and skills to keep track of her divers, point out the interesting and fascinating, and make sure divers enjoy their time underwater.
On Board she’s happy to talk, discuss, teach and respond to every question
Brooke the Cook/Chef and a backup dive master made sure we ate well and the meals were enjoyable. I was lucky enough to have her as my buddy on the final dive and she was great. Hovered near by like a Guardian Angelfish but left me free to explore to the limit of my ability. Without her I would have missed a lot on the final dive.
The water quality varied because we were at the tail end of a cyclone and very high tides but when it was good it was very very good....and it was never too bad.
Sharks, turtles, Sea Cucumbers, Coral of every description and more fish than I will ever be able to name. It was everything I had expected
Kiana herself is tight but well laid out with plenty of room to be alone, when you want to be, while surrounded by fellow travellers. Like the crew the equipment was first rate. If there’s a drawback it’s the long - 7hr - trip back from the reef to the mainland. But that’s the price of sailing and staying on the reef.
Indebted to Greg at Whitsunday Diving Academy (see separate review) for his advice and recommendation. Without him there’d still be a wish left on my bucket list. I’ll be looking him up when I go back for my next Kiana adventure.
Only drawback for me was I was limited to two dives a day - and for a diver on the reef that’s not enough. But...the snorkelling in between the dives was magic - in someways better - because Brent and Lily edged us close to a reef and everything was right there!!!
Brent-Lily-Brooke- Greg - watch for me cause I’m coming back

John Jukes, USA

Kiana May 2014

This was an epic trip with both adventure and relaxation. The views were amazing and so were the employees. The trip to the outer reef was magical and having it been my first time snorkeling it was something I will never forget! The fact that the owners of the ship wave you off and back from your trip is just one of many reasons why this sailing trip was very personable compared to all the other boating options. So happy that we decided to go with this boat and highly recommend it, you will not regret it!!!

A happy traveler, US

Kiana Dec 2013

We had a fantastic time on Kiana, hats off to the crew, thanks guys you were great. Highly recommend this trip to anyone!

Mark van Renen, Ausi

Kiana Dec 2013

Great trip - a highlight of our month in Australia.  Brent (our captain) was personable, knowledgeable and went out of his way to make sure everyone had a fabulous time.  Jeff cooked excellent meals and was flexible in accommodating my vegan daughter.  Cindy was the best dive master - fun and excited to share the reef  with us. Highly recommend to all!

Lori Garrison, USA

Kiana Dec 2013

It was three very relaxing, yet impression-packed days. When you arrive at Whitehaven, you think you are in paradise. Besides the turqoise water and sparkling white beach, you can see wildlife, like birds of prey and rays.

Snorkling the reef was fantastic, and the crew chose spots according to currents and possibility to see wildlife. We saw both rays and sharks and also a fish cleaning-station (where bigger fish get cleaned from parasites from smaller fish).

Kiana was very comfortable to stay at. Air-conditioning at night, warm water in the showers and shade from the burning sun. Chatting with your fellow passengers over a glass of wine under the starry night was very cozy.

The crew was very friendly and helpful and always had a good story to share. They could answer all our questions about the nature around us and we were instructed very wisely and humorously on what to do and not to do on the boat.

On the way back to Airlie Beach, our captain caught two tuna fishes, so we were treated to ultra fresh sashimi!

Loving Oz, Sweden

Kiana Dec 2013

We had an amazing experience on this boat!  We will never forget it!  We travelled with three kids, one who injured his knee while on whitehaven beach. The crew were amazing!  They were conciencous, caring, fun, and informative. We felt completely safe at all times and had a blast.

Jennifer ironside, Canada

Kiana Oct 2013

It was an amazing cruise!! The crew very interesting and motivating, great ambiance and very very very nice landscape & fish!! Good job Fox !! ^^ We hope to do it again one day! :)

Yannick & Joëlle, Switzerland

Kiana Sep 2013

Great trip, wonderful diving and a awesome, professional crew. Don't think, book!

Douwe Visser and family (kids 12 and 17 years old), Netherlands

Kiana Aug 2013

We had a fabulous three days on board Kiana. We spent time on the stunning Whitehaven beach, saw whales and dolphins, beautiful sunsets and sunrises and had some amazing dives. The crew were fantastic and very knowledgeable and we loved our trip, thank you!

Claire Ayres, UK

Kiana Apr 2013

We were on a trip in April and had a fantastic time. Thanks to the wonderful team!!

Isabella Stiedl, Austria

Kiana May 2013

Lovely trip, perfect crew, comfortable and relaxing. We felt secured and paid attention to the entire time. Would definitely recommend it to anyone searching for good time in the Whitsundays and the Outer barrier reef.

Martina Chakarova, Bulgaria

Kiana May 2013

It was a fantastic first trip to Australia, which would not have been complete without the sail/dive trip on Kiana. Great diving at Bait Reef, great crew and I wish I could go back soon.

Petra Gojun, Croatia

Kiana Apr 2013

Despite the weather, we had an amazing 3 days onboard the Kiana.  Our sincere thanks to Skipper Chris, Dive Master Wayne and Chefs/boat hands Meridith and Andy.  Chris always seemed to find sunshine at least for a few hours each day, Wayne was so attentive and professional with his diving duties, and Meridith and Andy produced wonderful meals throughout our 3 days on board.  Your baked Lamb was sensational!!! Will always remember Elvis - Wayne!!

Denise Buter, England

Kiana Apr 2013

Absolutely wonderful! This trip on Kiana will definitely be one of my best memories here in Australia. Although there was a cyclone forming, we had amazing weather. The crew members were great, the sailing back to Airlie Beach a lot of fun, the first times of both snorkelling and diving made me wanna do some more. Time went too fast and I recommend this boat to everyone looking for quality.

Charline, Belgium

Kiana Mar 2013

I had a very good time on Kiana with all the crew and guests. It was amazing. The diving with the instructor Wayne and the divemaster Nathalie was fantastic. Thank you for the beautiful trip. I will never forget it!

Dominique Plante, Canada

Kiana Feb 2013

My mom and i agree that Kiana would be one of the best memories we've ever had. Our diving instructor Wayne and Nat were so friendly, patient, good and reliable I felt just safer than ever (and i was!:)) when they were around.  Thumbs up:p For me it was really an amazing experience to swim with fish above the reef and at the bottom of the ocean.
Of course the plus were the nice people, tasty food, the milky way and lots of shooting stars!

totally worth the sunburn, china

Kiana Feb 2013

Our trip on Kiana was part of our honeymoon (6 weeks in Australia) and both of us agree that it was one of the highlights. From the moment we boarded to the moment we returned the crew (Stu, Wayne, Nat, Meredith and Erin) made us feel very welcome.
The islands and reef are simply stunning and we experienced so much more thanks to Wayne and Stu's extensive knowledge. Neither of us wanted our trip to end, we have taken away so many memories, it was really fabulous, we would recommend the trip on a heartbeat!
Thank you!

Jane and Phill, Manchester, England

Kiana Feb 2013

It's hard to imagine a more perfect trip to the Great Barrier Reef than the one we did with Kiana. With only 14 passengers it made for a cozy atmosphere that everyone could enjoy.  Motoring out to Whitehaven Beach, diving the inner reef, SLEEPING ON THE REEF, and sailing at top speed for home was an adventure I will never forget.  Skipper Brent and Divemaster Jesse were both very capable and entertaining - so much so that my girlfriend who swore would never dive was kitted up and in the water by day 2.  Last but not least was Chef Natalie and the food - who expects a full lamb roast on board a sailboat?  The diving was spectacular with great visibility and all the fish and coral you would expect (and few you don't).  I would fly the 17 hours tomorrow to do it all over again.

Ryan L, Canada

Kiana Jan 2013

Trip was amazing! Sleeping out at the reef was magical, and we saw turtles sharks and rays on the dive! The vis was fantastic as well, 20 meters plus. Food was surprisingly great and the crew was super nice and really pushed the ship on the strong winds back! Got soaked and ruined my mp3 player but that was my own fault, lol. Great fun!

jason m, usa

Kiana Dec 2012

vvvvvvvvvvv....ery gooooooooooood!
you can't miss it!

姚怡兰, CHINA

Kiana Dec 2012

Sailing the Whitsundays on the Kiana was the best part of our one month trip to Australia! The crew was amazing and the activities were fun, relaxing and exciting all in one. We were a smaller group of people (about 12-14) which made for a great "field trip" feel and gave everyone the chance to chit chat and get to know one another. The scuba instructor (Wayne) was incredibly amazing. He made all us newbies feel safe and excited about trying to dive for the first time. And the rest of the crew were also all dive instructors, so everyone knew what they were doing and put our safety first. We were all smiles the whole trip, the crew cracked us up the whole time and it was seriously magical. Definitely recommend.

Shengul, America

Kiana Oct 2012

We had really a great time on the Kiana. The staff with Stu, Ryan and Wayne was very nice and helpful, we felt safe all the time and saw a lot of fishs, corals, turtles and sharks -- by diving and by snorkeling. Thank you very much for the beautiful time!

Hedi and Hans-Peter, Switzerland

Kiana Oct 2012

It was a great trip. Many thanks to Chris, the captain, Wayne, the instructor and Natalie, the Chef.
I do enjoy the whole trip.

Qiliang Cui, China

Kiana Sep 2012

Thanks for the best trip we have ever been to. It was the highlight of our 17 day holiday trip to AUS. The crew was asolutely great, had all hands on deck! Skipper Stu, chef Wayne and divemaster Ryan were always taking care of all guests. The food was a dream, same as the days on board. The diving adventure was an experience I will never forget! Sitting her in my living room, I would like to come back directly! This boat is an absoult must, if you are visiting the whitsunday area! Cheers from Germany

Marcel & Linda, Germany

Kiana Jul 2012

We really loved the trip, even though the weather was a bit challenging. Thanks to Stu for great skippering & taking care of us all, to Naomi for the great vegetarian meals & to Ryan for the diving & photos. Loved the sailing. We’d recommend the trip for a great adventure.

Peter Dingle, Australia

Kiana Jul 2012

We spent three days in the Kiana and it was an amazing experience.
The whole crew and the owners of the boat were really great and nice with us. We have amazing food as well and the divings were outstanding.
Even if the weather was not perfect we had such a great time! I strongly recommend you to go. You won't regret it at all!

Sally, Argentina

Kiana Jul 2012

One of the best things I've done EVER ! Perfect vessel for a relaxing diving and sailing experience! It was actually 3 trips in one: sailing, diving and whale watching!! The staff is amazing, and they work very hard to keep everything clean, organized and safe! Very professional Dive Master, scuba gear in perfect conditions. The food was amazing (like steamed lamb in the middle of the ocean!!!!).

I would highly recommend this trip to anyone!

Ignacio L., Argentina

Kiana Jun 2012

WOW - what a treat - cruising the Whitsundays for 3 glorious days with 12 other passengers & 3 enthusiastic knowledgeable crew.  A perfect number of people with room to move on a clean yacht with comfortable bedding. The crew made us all feel relaxed & in holiday mode (especially the dive instructor who was very entertaining!). He also made sure all divers had fabulous dives both on the inner & outer reef. The skipper kept his eye on the snorkelers & made sure the best possible snorkeling experience was had - all those beautiful fish, turtles, reef sharks & coral. The food was wonderful - didn't need any of the nibblies we took with us!  An organized yet very relaxing trip of 3 amazing days swimming (Whitehaven Beach), snorkeling, diving & lazing about in the warm weather.  Bonus to see humpback whales which swam & breached around the yacht for almost 1/2 hr. Highly recommend for all divers & snorkelers no matter what age, couples or singles. Thanks to the crew, & the yacht's owners who personally waved us goodbye & greeted us on our return.

Barb & Rod, Australia

Kiana Jun 2012

We had an absolutely brilliant time and would thoroughly recommend Kiana to anyone looking for a trip to the Whitsundays, particularly divers - the dive sites at the Outer Reef were really fantastic, and it's great to be out there with such small numbers on the boat. Great crew, great food, great weather, great itinerary - we loved Whitehaven Beach! - and we were even lucky enough to spend 20 minutes with two humpback whales playing around the boat!

Nicki and Chris Melia, UK

Kiana Apr 2012

My boyfriend James and I had an amazing time aboard the Kiana. The staff were friendly and informative, the food was impressive, and the boat itself was very comfortable throughout the trip. We will strongly recommend people to sail on the Kiana in the future.

Triana Murtagh, UK

Kiana Mar 2012

Thanks guys for an amazing trip! The crew was lovely and entertaining, the food was great and the spots where we anchored just beautiful!

M.Mueller, Germany

Kiana Mar 2012

Thank you, you are a great team...
The weather was so bad, it was storming and raining. We had no chance to go to the Outer Reef and to Whitehaven Beach. But nevertheless we were able to enjoy the three days. The crew was so much fun, we were focussing on snorkelling and diving. We had a roof on deck, so was still nice to sit outside and have a chat.
The food was amazing, the crew great, the boat a dream. Sleeping area was big, I had a double bed for myself, and together with my friend a private cabin. All in all a wonderful trip to Whitsunday Islands!!! Thank you

Julia, Germany

Kiana Mar 2012

Fantastic trip, can't imagine how it could have been better. The food was fantastic and the crew was amazing. It was really nice to chat with the owners too before setting out. Thanks for a great time Kiana!!

Matthew Lausch, Canada

Kiana Mar 2012

The Kiana sailing trip was such an adventure! The crew was fantastic and so helpful when learning how to scuba dive. This was the highlight of my trip to Australia!

Amy, Canada

Kiana Feb 2012

ABSOLUTELY GREAT, the crew knows what they are doing and will make every minute of your stay safe, fun, amazing and educative. Go Kiana !!!! many more years of swift sailing !!

RH, Czech Republic

Kiana Jan 2012

Our trip on Kiana was absolutely amazing.  We saw so many wonderful sights and were entertained the entire time.  Having a smaller group was ideal, it gave us the opportunity to get to know one another as well as the crew.  I can't say enough wonderful things about the crew.....they were fun, knowledgeable, helpful and provided great customer service.  I would definitely recommend Kiana to everyone!

Lindsay, USA

Kiana Jan 2012

Awesome trip!

Norbert, Nederland

Kiana Jan 2012

This was the best trip I have done in Australia. I loved every minute of it, and would highly recommend it to any one wanting to do a sail and dive trip. The snorkel and dive sites were amazing, and waking up to the sun rise on the Great Barrier Reef was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. The boat is lovely and there is plenty of space for all the passengers. The crew were fantastic and very supportive with the diving, snorkeling and sailing. The food was great too, which is always a bonus! I could go on forever... it was just amazing!!!

Charlotte, England

Kiana Jan 2012

fantastic trip. I'd recommend this vessel for anyone looking for a relaxing trip to the outer reef without being on a party boat. fantastic crew and a family feeling. Great trip if you are travelling with teenagers

Jim, Sweden

Kiana Jan 2012

We had a really great trip on the Kiana. The staff was very nice and really helpful. The dive instructors made  us all feel comfortable on our first dive. The food was amazing and the sleeping facilities were better than I expected of a boat. It was really worth sailing for quite some hours to dive/snorkel on the actual Great Barrier Reef. I would highly recommend this trip to everyone. It might be a bit more expensive than some of the others, but it was defenitely worth it!

Linda, Netherlands

Kiana Dec 2011

Has been a beautiful trip with a lot of new experiences, new friends and quite wonderful hours. Especcially the perfect organized trip leaded by a professional experienced skipper and a good teamworking crew were the pillars of this fantastic trip. Unfortunatelly too short regarding the time. Thanks for this unforgetable time.

Kai, Switzerland

Kiana Dec 2011

The 3 day 2 night trip on Kiana was absolutely perfect - the diving was amazing, even better than expected and the crew did their very best to make sure that we were safe, comfortable and making the most of our holiday in the Whitsundays. It was a very fun trip, I would recommend it to anyone

Gaelle Fertil, Australia

Kiana Dec 2011

This trip couldn't have been any more perfect. The crew were absolutely amazing. Brent definitely knew his way around the sea and Ryan had the best patience with me scuba diving as I had never done it before and was quite nervous. He held my hand the whole way through even though I was probably crippling him. Such a great crew and wud defo go with kiana again.

Dee Lynn, Ireland

Kiana Dec 2011

Cool Tripp. The outer Reef war realy good. ;O)
I liked it realy much.

Jess, Germany

Kiana Nov 2011

I had an amazing time on the Kiana. The crew were very friendly and accomodating. The captain was full of information on the trip, the boat and the area. The chef cooked up some spectacular meals and the dive instructor was great and helped us enjoy our time in the water. I would deffinately recommend a trip on the Kiana to anyone!

chris knight, uk

Kiana Nov 2011

Absolutely amazing trip.  I had never dived before and managed to do 3 trips at outer reef - saw turtles, massive parrot fish and even went through an underwater canyon and felt safe and well looked after.  Whitehaven beach was also amazing with Stingrays and Sharks.  Was really nice to be on a smallish boat with only 14 passengers it meant that got great level of attention.  Was also great when we had the 4 sails up.

Jamie, UK/AU

Kiana Oct 2011

I've been on the KIANA for a 3-days-trip. Brent, our skipper, and the rest of the crew, Angélique and Ella, were simply amazing and it was so much fun aboard. Furthermore, each member of the crew really takes care of the passengers and the food is just great. The ship is very nice and with 14 passengers max there aren't too many people. The trip is just amazing and even there needs to be a change of plans due to the wheather Brent knows what to do and you will be on another fantastic place. As conclusion I can only say that I spend three of the most memorable days of my life on the KIANA and the trip is definitely worth each cent.

Jan Stier, Germany

Kiana Oct 2011

Well I have been back at work for a month after a fabulous holiday in the Whitsundays, and I am still talking about the Kiana Trip - 3 Days of magical water and wildlife (and that was just the crew & passengers!) But seriously, the whales, turtles and snorkelling on the reef were magical moments and this was one of the best trips I have ever done. Thanks to Brent, Jess, Jessie and Angie for taking such good care of us and for the fun times.

Suz, NZ

Kiana Sep 2011

Beautiful, Relaxing, Fun, Awesome! Our 14 passenger group was made up of at least 6-7 different countries which was really cool.  The crew meshed so well and was so helpful and amazing. Angelique was an excellent dive instructor, Brent a friendly and entertaining captain and Jess the fabulous cook! Everything was perfect and I would highly recommend Kiana to everyone!

Karen O'Byrne, USA/Temp AU

Kiana Aug 2011

Sailing on Kiana was great fun! Niche boat- nice people- nice Whitsunday region!
Thanks for making our trip to Australia unforgettable!

Ute, Germany

Kiana Aug 2011

Despite some rough winds, this 3 day adventure is definitely something I would recommend! The crew were all friendly and helpful, and the Captain was gracious and so funny! Saw some beautiful corals and fishes. This trip is no hassle; just show up on time and let them take care of the rest for you!


Kiana Aug 2011

I had a brilliant time aboard the Kiana - a lovely sailing boat! To be honest - the Whitsundays and diving the Reef are things you can hardly mess up I guess, especially with all the humpbacks, turtles and even a shark around. But our skipper Brent, chef Jess and dive instructor Jesse made it a perfect time with good food, lots of fun and much dedication. Brent even knew how to get a milliion dollars - so there you go! :)

Steffi, Germany

Kiana Aug 2011

This trip was an amazing adventure, brought to life by its brilliant crew especially Brent, our skipper, who was a real fountain of knowledge and alwyas kept us busy and in great spirits. The whole trip was outstanding and we would definalty go again. If anyone was to ask where to visit when they came to the Whitsundays this would be the first thing that we would mention. Thank you for a great trip!!!!

High Deffinition, UK

Kiana Jul 2011

Icredible is all I can describe for my three day/two night stay on the Kiana. Out of my meager 19 year old life that trip is definitely one of the highlights for me. Everything from having the owners of the Kiana greeting us when we stepped on the boat to thoughtfulness and attentiveness of the crew. Ben was a fabulous diving instructor; he answered every question I had, I felt completely safe with him in the water and he really made the diving a great experience for me. The food Pete made was exceptional and beyond words; that was probably the best I had eaten while traveling in Australia. Brent was thoughtful and more than kind throughout the trip; he came to me with water while I was experiencing my first ever bout of seasickness and he even held my hair out of my face. He really made a point to get to know each person on board the Kiana. I could tell he absolutely loved his job and it was great to see how much he wanted to share it; its people like that, that make experiences, such as the Kiana, unforgettable.
Thank-you again for such a great time, your crew truly showed what a beautiful country Australia is and the wonderful people who fill it. Its experiences like this that make me not want to go home.

Jaclyn , Canada

Kiana Jul 2010

Could not fault the entire trip, I enjoyed it from start to finish. The crew were fantastic - Brent in particular was superb, very knowledgable and explained everything very clearly. The boat was very comfortable with just the right amount of people on board and the cabins very comfortable. Each day was well organised and put together (although the 5.30AM starts we're a little hard) :)
All in all a great trip, would highly recommend it to anyone - especially as this trip goes out to the reef which is just stunning and adds to the adventure!

Ben Pammenter, UK

Kiana Jul 2011

If it was a cake, I would say: IRRESISTIBLE!!!
Yet, as it was a sailing trip, it's probably more appropriate saying that from the 3 1/2 weeks we spent Down Under, those 3 days on Kiana have been the absolutely best ones :o). Great crew, delicious food, lovely (!!) and competent diving instructor, awesome vessel, ... ... and having said all that, the most incredible Whitsunday Islands come on top of that! Good, aye?!
If I was given the chance to do just one last trip around the Whits - Kiana would be the one :o).
Thanks for a most memorable trip!

Bjoern, Germany

Kiana Jun 2011

Fantastic trip, very well prepared and excellent food! Captain Brent was awesome, very knowledgable about the ocean.  The humpback whales playing around our boat was the icing on the cake of a perfect relaxing three days!

Rosanna, England

Kiana Jul 2011

Wow... What a trip, Setting sail in semi dismal weather it immediately cleared up and the first day of low winds allowed us to cruise to the beautiful Tongue beach. Shortly after a great lunch we walked aroundad enjoyed a dip in the sea (albeit a cold one). A fantastic roast dinner on deck before a few beers at sunset. Day 2 could not have been better an early morning dive after sunrise and then out to the outer reef. The water warmed slightly further out at the reef and the afternoon dives were great as was the whale watching from a distance.
Day 3 another dive after sunrise over the ocean, coming up a Humpback whale swims directly under the boat.... WOW.... amazing no joke. The trip back ended up with a 1hr 30min halt because the whales would not leave the boat alone... Swimming under it and breaching only a few metres from the boat. The whole trip was complimented by the ever happy Brent at the helm, the good food of chef Pete and the underwater knowlege of Dive master Ben (though ben is no longer with the team). I cannot reccommend this trip enough there is no better value for money at the Whitsunday's.

Paul McKee, England

Kiana Jun 2011

Dear Greg & Lauren,
Thank you for your email and we will certainly recommend to our family and friends who ever come to visit the Whitsundays to make sure they take a dive trip with Kiana.
Both Maggie and I were totally elated and excited about our 3 day trip with your excellent crew, of Skipper Brent , dive instructor Ben and chef Peter. They made our trip one to remember, as their hospitality, friendship and professionalism was second to none.
The dive on the Great Barrier Reef was our first ever diving experience, 'which can now never be beaten', for the wonderful sights of colourful coral and fish.
To add the the excitement, we saw several humped back whales and on the homeward trip, a couple of dolphins swam along with the boat, a real bonus !
The visit to one of the best beaches in the world at Whitsunday Island, was spectacular. Pure white sand and crystal clear waters was an amazing treat.
We know this trip will last long in our memories, even at our grand old ages of 63 and 65 !!
Keep up the very high standard you have all set and we wish you all, the continued success in your excellent business.

Sail on Kiana

regards and love to all the crew,

Alan & Maggie, England

Kiana Jun 2011

Despite the weather (it was warmer in the water) the trip was great, due to the great crew who were professional, friendly and did their absolute best to make it the best possible trip.  Great way to spend 50th birthday.  Did experience some adventurous sailing in 32 knot winds.  Thanks guys.

Julia Love, Australia

Kiana Jun 2011

My husband and I went on the 3-day, 2 night trip to the Great Barrier Reef aboard the Kiana. I can't express enough how much we enjoyed this experience. We were told when we boarded that it just might be our favorite part of our trip in Australia and after only a couple hours we completely agreed. I would go back to Australia if only to go aboard another Whitsundays Sailing Adventure (and probalby aboard the Kiana again!). I've recommended this company and trip to many people already and will do so for years to come. Thank you to Skipper Brent, Dive Master Gina and to Chef Pete for the wonderful memories! We'll be back!

Cameron Fuller, USA

Kiana Jun 2011

Lovely boat, enthusiastic and disciplined crew with great boating and diving skills.  If you're looking for a great trip even when the weather is bad (we had 3 days of wind, rain and cold and it was STILL fun!) then I can recommend sailing on Kiana

Lyndsay Neilson, Australia

Kiana Jun 2011

great trip, very friendly and fun crew, good equipment, best food

Marina, Germany

Kiana Jun 2011

Dear Brent, Ben, Pete and Sarah and the owner of the beautiful sailing boat “Kiana”
2 weeks ago I joined the great and amazing sailing trip on your boat to the Whitsundays and the outer reef.... Today I want to say "thank you so much" for making these days so enjoyable and unforgettable, I have had really a great time and I always take these memories alive.
Ben:You are really an excellent diving instructor - I have never had a bad feeling and I felt confident all the time. Thanks for doing a great introducing to this marvelous sport and for showing us such a great underwater world (even more the German turtle :-))
Pete : Thanks for making these brilliant pictures under water - it is such a great "memory" on a really nice adventure. I loved your meals especially the dessert :-). Enjoy your stay in Australia and on this boat - I think it is something really special and you can count yourself lucky to be a part of the kiana crew
Brent :Thank you so much for driving (or cruising - I don't know the correct english word ) the boat so comfortable and easy. I enjoyed the stay all the time; it was really an amazing experience and a great adventure. Thanks for telling us all the secrets about the stars, the moon and the season ... (and sorry for jumping onto the roof while you are driving the boat :-) )
Sarah :Wherever you go and whatever you do – enjoy your life, be happy and take always care about you. 
Owner of kiana :You can be really proud to have such a brilliant, experienced and lovely crew on your boat and to be the owner of the beautiful kiana.

Last week I was on a second dive trip in Port Douglas … with 80 people on board … it was horrible (I am a bloody stupid German – I understood …” There are 14 people on board” instead of 80 …. L  so I know where the differences are … People make the differences …

It was really a great pleasure for me to take part on this tour and it was so nice to meet you all.
Take always care about you!
Many greetings

Tania (the German turtle J), Germany

Kiana May 2011

Just when you arrive at the Kiana the first thing you heard from the crew is: "removed your shoes". When you do so you not only barefoot, you also removed your stress, the hurry and all the worries from your mind.
The next thing they tell you is to try to enjoy as much as you can.  Definitely the crew help you to do so. You can tell that they are passionate and enjoy what they are doing and that spirit of joy spread soon among all the new joiners of the Kiana.
Sailing in the Kiana is a enrich experience; you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic surrounding solo or in company with your just new friends. As well as learn about the islands, driving and sailing techniques. I have my first immersion while I was in the Kiana. The opportunity of doing it for the first time in the coral reef was extraordinary.
What do I take with me out of this trip? One of the most amazing landscapes I have seen in my life, the incredible experience of discovering the rich and colourful reef, and some good friends that, who knows, I may see again.

Alexander, Spain

Kiana May 2011

First day started cloudy but the rest of the time we had great weather. I saw everything I could wish for (except whales) ... a lot of turtles, dolphins swimming with the vessel, and two sharks. Brent is an awesome skipper and Ben a great dive instructor. It was the right decision to choose this boat, instead of a stupid party boat! I really enjoyed the time!
Thank you very much!

Marek Klein, Germany

Kiana May 2011

Rob and I had a fantastic trip and celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary aboard the Kiana. On the first day of sailing, we anchored near Whitehaven beach to explore the island. Although the weather was a little dreary, the group was enthusiastic about our guided walk in the rainforest including a brief history of the place. I could not get over the number of baby rays that were scattered throughout the water and the sand was whiter than anything that I’ve ever seen before. Back on the boat, we were treated to a brilliant sunset and enjoyed a champagne toast. And - what could be better after a huge day of being in and on the water, than being rocked to sleep in our berth on the boat? Heaven! Pete, our resident cook, provided us with delicious and generous meals to keep us fueled for our water activities. Diving and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef was awesome. It was thriving, vivid and healthy and we saw all kinds of colorful fish, vibrant coral and turtles. We were even up early enough to catch a dazzling sunrise, which doesn’t happen very often in our busy lives. The crew aboard Kiana were professional, fun to be with and always courteous. They shared local knowledge and stories and made all of the guests feel at home and welcome. Many thanks to Dave, Pete & Ben for helping to make this an anniversary that we will never forget!

Rob & Lori Laurette, Canada

Kiana May 2011

Despite the rough weather, our skipper was very happy and energetic and cheered us up with his stories and positive outlook on everything.
The second day started with seeing a dolphin couple in front of the boat and a beautiful rainbow all across the the sky.
Absolutely enjoyed our sailing back to the port and nice beds we had :)
Oh, and almost forgot, the fruit salad was the best meal on the boat!!!

Liga, Latvia

Kiana May 2011

I've had an absolute blast on the Kiana! We had great weather, loads of sun for the sun lovers and the last day enough wind for the action lovers to get some sailing in. The crew was always so bubbly and entertaining, you've definitely picked a good crew! Last but not least, the actual diving. It was amazing, nice warm waters and beautiful fish, turtles, watersnakes and even a shark!
I also thought it was a nice touch that even non-certified people got a chance to go diving. I know they loved it!
The exhilarating sailing, the last day, was a great ending to the trip, we had dolphins swimming along with the boat for a while.
All in all a very good trip, with nice weather, nice people, great diving and good food.
Very well organised, and thanks again very much!

Laura, Holland

Kiana May 2011

Had a ball. The food was great, perfect weather. The crew where very accomodating n seen exactly what i wanted to.

James, Australia

Kiana May 2011

My favorite boat of the month is now Kiana.....everyone I have put on has come back sooooooooooo happy!  Great crew!  Great everything!  So good to hear.  There's another 2 coming out on Monday's trip!

Tracey, Island Gateway Holiday Park

Kiana Mar 2011

To Ben, Peter & Brent,
Thanks so much for the great trip on board Kiana.  The food and hospitality was spectacular.  We certainly will never forget this experience.
All the best for the future.

Kyle & Stacey, USA

Kiana Feb 2011

Perfect sailing, meals, snorkling, music, cigar. Professional crew.

Charlotte, Sweden

Kiana Feb 2011

`Tereefic!!!` Crew made the trip

Vasos, Somerset, UK

Kiana Feb 2011

We had a fantastic time, wanne go again :)

Mark, Holland

Kiana Feb 2011

Amazing trip. Best so ar in Oz. Great food & lovely crew!! xx Thanks heaps

Cheryl, England

Kiana Feb 2011

Wow, what a fabulous trip, amazing crew and stunning reef. Thanks Kiana.

Lisa, Stafford, U.K.

Kiana Feb 2011

High light of my 4 month Australia trip so far! Thank you for your awesome hospitality xxx

Louise, England

Kiana Feb 2011

Awesome trip, beautiful scenery, great food and such friendly crew - thanks for a great trip.

Joe & Elissa, London, England

Kiana Mar 2011

Awesome sailing & diving adventure :) Thank you.

Michael , Germany

Kiana Mar 2011

Amazing experience, the beach, the reef & especially the wild ride home haha! Thank you x

Cara, Wales, UK

Kiana Jan 2011

To the crew and owners of Kiana. Just writing to express my appreciation and thanks for a fabulous trip on your wonderful boat. I was on the trip which departed Monday 3rd Jan, with Joel, Ben and Anita as cook. It was really a fantastic trip and the weather held up for us too. The crew, food and hospitality was just top class. They really looked after us well and Ben was a great very competant instructor. It was awesome to go out to Bait reef and sleep there for the night and we also had a great bunch of fellow passengers. I look forward to coming up again and doing another trip with you guys.

Thanks so much again for a wonderful experience, please pass this onto the others as well.

Rohan, Australia

Kiana May 2010

I recently was on an amazing Kiana cruise!  What a great staff!  I already miss them!  A special thanks to scuba steve and Gina! 
Kiana made my dreams come true!
Feel free to pass my e-mail and address around to them! Oh yea, can't forget the best skipper ever!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Sarah, USA

Kiana Dec 2009

My family and I very much enjoyed the Kiana.  The ship was perfect for us, as were our sleeping arrangements.  The crew (Brent, Paul, and Paul) was absolutely phenomenal.  I can't say enough about how wonderful they were making us feel welcome with their outgoing personalities.  The food that Paul cooked was excellent.  The other Paul did a great job with teaching my family how to scuba dive and snorkel and Brent always greeted us with a cheery smile and was more than willing to teach us something new.  I doubt if Brent ever has a bad day, he is such a positive and uplifting person.  It was actually the highlight of our 3 1/2 week trip for me.

Christina, USA

Kiana Aug 2009

I absolutely loved every minute of it! The diving and snorkelling and Whitehaven beach was fantastic, the crew was great, and of course also simply being on the Kiana for three days was wonderful. :-) It's a trip I will never forget, and I'll definitely tell all our clients to go sailing in the Whitsundays.

Kathrin, Australia

Kiana Sep 2008

Just a quick note to  say thanks to the crew for such a great trip. Sam, Pauly and Emily were brilliant. Always good fun and patient, they allowed everyone on board to relax and enjoy themselves. Plus the food was great. We're even using Pauly's world famous salad dressing now that we're home! Our only complaint was we missed the night out afterwards because we had to catch a bus!

John and Sheila, Ireland

Kiana Aug 2008

This a short 'thank you' to the owners and crew of smagic Kiana. We recently enjoyed a most superb trip with the fabulous crew ... Diver Master Paul (MUCH patience), Chef Paul (top class food) & Skipper Sam (great humour) ! Wonderful boat, comfortable and spacious ! All very well planned, organised, and most helpful.

To the owners, your crew are a huge boon to the operation - look after them ! Will highly recommend this to friends & family.  Keep up the amazing work, great memories for us all ! Keep safe and thank you all !

Steve and Anne-Marie Scott, UK

Kiana Nov 2007

Kiana was my vessel to paradise! Not only was it my ultimate experience of Australia it was also something in my life I will never forget! The owners, the staff and the overall experience was completely amazing! Whitehaven Beach, the marine life of the reef all of it added up to the perfect trip.Thank you so much for making it magic Kiana! MISS YOU ALL! xoxo

Tracy Doll, Canada

Kiana Mar 2008

The Kiana, the crew, the diving...the trip of a lifetime. I couldn't say enough about the experience except that it ended way too fast. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Katy, Pennsylvania, USA

Kiana Mar 2008

Great boat!! Brent, Dave and Paul were awesome.  Diving the Great Barrier Reef on the Kiana has definitely been the highlight of my time in Australia.  Thanks for getting us there, Brent!  Food, boat, people...amazing

Vegas, USA

Kiana Nov 2007

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
first of all, we would like to thank you for the perfect trip we have had with the Kiana and her crew. It was so good, that we are thinking about joining you again during the second or third week of february, after we earned some money up in Cairns to do this magnificent trip again.
Brent told us that it would be possible to book it direct with you and we would like to know what the price would be?
And last but not least, would it be possible to have Brent on the crew again? Or better the whole crew!

Chris and Felix, Germany

Kiana Apr 2007

Just wanted to say a huge thanks again for an amazing trip last week. the staff were brilliant, Brett was a great captain, making us feel so safe in the water and taking us to some beautiful places, the food was great, and Dave kept us laughing the whole way along. Also a special thanks to Dave for going above and beyond by taking us up to Townsville and showing us around! Happy days! Even with the less than desirable conditions we had such a good time, fun crowd and awesome crew! thanks to everyone!

charlie and graham xxx, UK

Kiana Oct 2007

Dear John, Aby, and Brent
I just wanted to thank you very much again for this wonderful trip we had onboard of Kiana. I really enjoyed sailing with you and I am sure, I will
always keep this trip in my mind - especially with all those beautiful pictures :-)
Take care and you never know, you might be in Zurich once - just tell me and I will show you around my world!
Loves from Sydney (where we now arrived but are still far away from the end of our trip!)

Ariane (The cheeke Swiss girl with the cool camera ;-), Switzerland

Kiana Mar 2007

Thank you again for a wonderful time on Kiana.  I had a ball.  My friends keep on sending me text messages raving about it. 
The staff were amazing, professional, fun & mad!!!! The food was superb. 
At least I can now sleep without thinking that I am swaying.

Sandra, Australia

Kiana Nov 2007

Hi Kiana Sailing Team,
me and my wife have been to one of your sailing trips on the vessel SV Kiana from 30.11. - 02.12.
First of all it was awesome! And we already got the photo-cd in our postbox when we returned to Germany last friday. We can really recommend this trip to our friends!

Christoph and Marion, Germany

Kiana Jan 2007

Hi everyone from the Kiana,
I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I had a wonderful time sailing and diving with you.  Your ship is magnificient.  And the team, Brent, John and Kelly were fantastic.
I would do it all over again if I could.  I had a great diving experience.  I felt safe on and off the boat and there never was a dull moment on board.

Claude, Montreal, Canada

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