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Kiana Encounters of the Whale kind

Saturday, 14 July 2012:

Whitsundays Sailing Adventures charter vessel Kiana whilst proceeding to Baif Reef has been observed stopped enroute.  When contacted by VHF radio skipper Stuart Allwright advised that all passengers were accounted for and safe however he was unable to estimate how log it would be before Kiana could continue on her journey.  When asked to describe the problem Stuart advised that 2 x 40 ton mobile obstructions were blocking his way, however he did not believe his vessel was in any danger and there was no danger to other shipping.

On returning to port the crew from Kiana filed the following video report:

Apparently the two humpbacks were unaware of the 100 meter rule!!

Wings Diving Adventures creates one night tour for all those short on time!

Until recently ‘Wings Diving Adventures’ offered only two and three night sailing eco adventure tours.  That has now changed with the introduction of the new two-day, one night tour ‘Wings Express’ which caters to those customers on a tight budget or time frame.

Wings Express

The ‘Wings Express’ tour still includes all the fantastic diving, snorkeling and sailing around the Whitsundays that Wings trips are renowned for but ‘Wings Express’ has been jam packed into two exciting fun filled days, making it perfect for anyone with a limited amount of time or money.

The fully crewed trip caters for 25 passengers and departs early Saturday morning and returns late Sunday afternoon, ensuring passengers don’t miss out on a thing! ‘Wings Express’ is perfect for anyone who wants to see all they can of the stunning Whitsundays in a minimum amount of time.

‘Wings Express’ takes guests to the picturesque Whitehaven Beach, and some amazing dive sites located around the Whitsunday islands, such as Luncheon Bay. Both introductory divers and certified divers alike are looked after onboard by one of our passionate dive instructors. Night diving is also available for certified divers and snorkeling presented at every dive location.

‘Wings Express’ costs $359 per person for a shared single and a shared double bed and $399 for a private double room. This price includes all food and snacks, fresh linen and bath towels, snorkel and wetsuit hire and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Fees.

Cuttlefish at Bait Reef

Another one of the amazing creatures you will come across while diving Bait Reef is the Cuttlefish.  Cuttlefish are sometimes referred to as the chameleon of the sea because of their remarkable ability to rapidly alter their skin color at will.  Cuttlefish change color and light polarisation to communicate to other cuttlefish and to camouflage themselves from predators.

They use their camouflage to hunt and sneak up on their prey. When they get close enough, they open their eight arms and shoot out two long feeding tentacles. On the end of each is a pad covered in suckers that grabs and pulls prey toward its beak.

Yellow Spotted Box Fish

The Great Barrier Reef has an endless supply of interesting creatures.

This little guy is a Yellow spotted Box Fish and he seems as interested in our diver as we are in him!

Tall Ship Adventures Responds to Guest Feedback by Offering Longer Sailing Adventures

Tall Ship Adventures, owners of the beautiful SV Whitehaven Eco Adventure Sailing vessel, are responding to guest feedback asking for more time, by offering 3 full days and 2 nights aboard, with the release of their new extended
Eco Adventure Sailing Tour.

The first to be accredited with eco tourism for overnight adventure sailing and still the leader, for over 15 years, Tall Ship Adventures has been hosting fun Eco Sailing Adventure tours in the Whitsunday waters. During that time they have had the pleasure of being recognised as one of the most awarded eco tourism operators in Queensland.

Not only are Tall Ship Adventures giving you an extra full day out on the water, but they are value adding their tours with free kayaks on board and informative guides who will pass on knowledge about the places visited.

Their vessel, the expedition cruiser, the SV Whitehaven was originally built for 3 day, 2 night sailing adventures and with her wide berth, huge deck space, seats for everyone on board and covered aft area, she is the perfect vessel to cruise away the hours on an extended sailing holiday, come rain or shine.

SV WHitehaven

SV Whitehaven

Tall Ships Adventures are different from the competition – they want to share the natural beauty and hidden wonders of the areas in which they sail. They want to share the beauty of the region and have spent many years perfecting their tours to award winning standards, which have been officially recognised, over and over again.

On board the SV Whitehaven you will find two man sea kayaks which are available for all guests to use.  Head off by yourself or tag along on a guided tour which will take you to the fringing reefs of the islands; a fabulous way to get up close to the corals of the Coral Sea that surround the beautiful islands which make up the Whitsundays.

The guided paddle takes you to a meeting point where you can then take to the land; learn about the island’s bush food, aboriginal culture, cave paintings and history of the region.

The SV Whitehaven Eco Sailing Tour has many great features – with more of everything on offer – the “real deal”:

  • A sailing vessel, purpose built for 3 day, 2 night adventure sailing.
  • Spacious decks with plenty of room to stretch your legs or sunbathe.
  • A large covered area for all day relaxation, whatever the weather.
  • A seat for everyone on board.
  • 5 spacious cabins, with multi share singles and doubles available.
  • Your chance to have a go at pulling a sheet or two and moving under the power of the wind.
  • An extensive range of snorkelling spots to visit.
  • Many destinations within the Whitsundays.
  • Free use of onboard kayaks.
  • Plenty of bush walks to choose from.
  • Many islands and beaches visited on the Tall Ships’ tour.
  • Great food.
  • Plentiful hot water.
  • Snorkelling equipment.


  • Too many tourism and eco tourism awards to mention.

So for a sailing adventure with a difference, we’d love to see you aboard the SV Whitehaven.

Whales Whales Whales!!

Kiana’s trip on the 4-6 July was one to remember for our Guests.  At Bait Reef the whales were everywhere.  At a popular dive site, “Mantaray Dropoff “, our snorkellers were joined by two inquistive whales and the scuba divers had the same experience.  During the time at Bait Reef the crew counted 30 whales on different occasions, although it was difficult to work out how often the same whales were spotted.

On the way home, about 6 miles out from Bait Reef, two whales decided the Kiana and our guests needed close inspection.  Our skipper immediately stopped the vessel with whales in such close proximity.  These two whales stayed with Kiana for over an hour.  The video tells the story.

Small numbers make Kiana the best

2 weeks ago I joined the great and amazing sailing trip on your boat to the Whitsundays and the outer reef…. Today I want to say “thank you so much” for making these days so enjoyable and unforgettable, I have had really a great time and I always take these memories alive.

Ben:You are really an excellent diving instructor – I have never had a bad feeling and I felt confident all the time. Thanks for doing a great introducing to this marvelous sport and for showing us such a great underwater world (even more the German turtle :-).

Pete : Thanks for making these brilliant pictures under water – it is such a great “memory” on a really nice adventure. I loved your meals especially the dessert :-). Enjoy your stay in Australia and on this boat – I think it is something really special and you can count yourself lucky to be a part of the kiana crew

Brent :Thank you so much for driving (or cruising – I don’t know the correct english word ) the boat so comfortable and easy. I enjoyed the stay all the time; it was really an amazing experience and a great adventure. Thanks for telling us all the secrets about the stars, the moon and the season … (and sorry for jumping onto the roof while you are driving the boat 🙂 .

Sarah :Wherever you go and whatever you do – enjoy your life, be happy and take always care about you.  

Owner of kiana :You can be really proud to have such a brilliant, experienced and lovely crew on your boat and to be the owner of the beautiful kiana.

 Last week I was on a second dive trip in Port Douglas … with 80 people on board … it was horrible (I am a bloody stupid German – I understood …” There are 18 people on board” instead of 80 …. L  so I know where the differences are … People make the differences …

It was really a great pleasure for me to take part on this tour and it was so nice to meet you all.
Take always care about you!

Many greetings
Tania (the German turtle J)

Our 20th Anniversary on Kiana

Rob and I had a fantastic trip and celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary aboard the Kiana.

On the first day of sailing, we anchored near Whitehaven beach to explore the island. Although the weather was a little dreary, the group was enthusiastic about our guided walk in the rainforest including a brief history of the place. I could not get over the number of baby rays that were scattered throughout the water and the sand was whiter than anything that I’ve ever seen before.

Back on the boat, we were treated to a brilliant sunset and enjoyed a champagne toast. And – what could be better after a huge day of being in and on the water, than being rocked to sleep in our berth on the boat? Heaven!

Pete, our resident cook, provided us with delicious and generous meals to keep us fueled for our water activities.

Relaxing on Kiana

Relaxing on Kiana

Diving and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef was awesome. It was thriving, vivid and healthy and we saw all kinds of colorful fish, vibrant coral and turtles. We were even up early enough to catch a dazzling sunrise, which doesn’t happen very often in our busy lives.

The crew aboard Kiana were professional, fun to be with and always courteous. They shared local knowledge and stories and made all of the guests feel at home and welcome. Many thanks to Dave, Pete & Ben for helping to make this an anniversary that we will never forget!

Rob & Lori Laurette, Canada

Pacific Sunrise – Perfect Way to Start the New Year

We spent New Year’s Eve on Pacific Sunrise as part of a three-night cruise and can only hope that all of 2011 is as enjoyable as our time on board this lovely ship.

Capt. Dan and his fabulous crew made sure we experienced the best of the Whitsunday Islands, frequently moving to new and different locations and providing multiple opportunities to snorkel, dive and kayak in the warm, clear waters filled with beautiful coral and colorful fish. We appreciated the visit to Whitehaven Beach before the crowds of Fantasea day trippers arrived, allowing us to spend the afternoon snorkeling in a more secluded bay. Transfers by launch for these activities were accomplished efficiently, with the very patient crew always watching out for our safety. Dive instructor Luke was a great teacher, making us feel like Jacques Cousteau on our first ever dive!….

[Click here to read the full article on Trip Advisor]

The Sun is Shining in the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays and Cairns regions are not experiencing heavy rain or flooding.  All major airports including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Proserpine and Hamilton Island are open and operating as normal.  Greyhound services from Cairns to Airlie Beach are also operating as normal, so it’s not all bad news and the top of the East Coast is NOT a wash out for the summer season.

The sun is shining and our boats are sailing, diving, snorkelling, swimming and sunbaking as per usual. 

Airlie Beach Weather

      Wind Rain Humid Min Max
 THU   Passing Showers. Mostly Cloudy. Warm. Breezy. 31 km/h
76% 26 30
FRI   Decreasing Clouds. Warm. Breezy. 30 km/h
65% 25 29
SAT   Mostly Sunny. Warm. Humid. 24 km/h
68% 24 29
SUN   Mostly Sunny. Warm. 21 km/h
61% 24 29
MON   Mostly Sunny. Warm. 12 km/h
62% 23 30
TUE   Mostly Cloudy. Warm. Humid. 22 km/h
80% 25 31

 You can fly into Airlie Beach and stretch out the top of your east coast trip by going sailing in the Whitsundays, then onto Magnetic Island for a few days, stop off at Mission Beach for some skydiving and rafting then onto Cairns and up into Cape Trib.  Airfares to Proserpine and Hamilton Island are super cheap at the moment, so turn that frown upside down on your customers face.     : )