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Kiana Jan 2017

A big thank you to the team at Kiana for my wonderful trip over the weekend. It was great to get back out on the water. What an exclusive way to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, such a great key selling point for them. The trip was wonderful and the crew were fantastic. The skipper was very enthusiastic and I think that is so important for these kind of trips.
Emma, Australia

Whitsunday Getaway 3nt Oct 2016

Whitsunday Islands: The best cruising grounds found anywhere in Australia where almost all of the islands are national parks. Departing from Abel Point Marina on Getaway II, a 44 foot Lagoon catamaran, we enjoy a 14 nautical mile evening and sunset sail out to our Stonehaven Anchorage.  A majestic bay surrounded by lofty hills on the north side of Hook Island. It is such a delight to sit in shade of the upper deck with Chris, our Kiwi Skipper, who knows the history,  the reefs, the waters and a few hysterical local yarns. His hilarious story about tourists being advised to wear vegemite around all orifices when the kangawallapossums are in mating season to avoid attack from an amorous male was too funny!! Morgan, our host, settles us into our forward queen birth with private ensuite and treats us to gourmet appies and meals. Tonight we dine on grilled marinated chicken breast, sweet potato salad and baked zucchini followed by double chocolate cake. There are only 8 of us on board, a couple from Vancouver Island, four ladies from Brisbane celebrating milestone birthdays and us. We are all having difficulty wiping the smiles off our faces.

Morning Sail  at  7 knots around Hook Island  past Maureen's Bay, named after a scuba diving pioneer, to Mackerel Bay. We dawn our stinger suits and snorkel gear, pop in the water and swim 20 meters to pristine reef rarely seen by tourists. We snorkel among massive corals in shallow waters and the sea life that lives depends on them. Chis, a staunch advocate for respecting the natural balance of the reef, tells us when tour boats attract fish by feeding them the fish reproduce too rapidly which overwhelms the corals and sadly the reef dies. Next we sail to Tongue Bay on Whitsunday Island, every trip on Getaway is different depending on the winds and the tides. Chris takes us ashore and we hike across the island to a lookout platform where the amazing spectacle of Hill Inlet and Whitehaven beach unfolds! White silica sand beaches and sandbars against a background of azure seas on a crystal clear 29 degree afternoon. We arrive just as  the day cruisers are leaving and have this postcard like setting to ourselves. A three masted tall-ship under full sail majestically enters the bay. Surreal, we followed Captain Cook's route across the Pacific and now we are witnessing first hand what his arrival in Whitehaven must have looked like from shore. Overnight we anchor at Scrubhead beach off Whitsunday Island in Hook Passage another tranquil mooring where we are lulled to sleep by gentle seas thanks to our skipper's expertise.

Morning sail to Day Bay on Border Island where our snorkel is dominated by large plate coral 2 meters across. The current is strong and Chris tells us to swim ahead of the boat so the current will carry us along the coral shelf past the boat. No matter how hard I swim when I look up I am still in line with the boat, thank goodness for Chris and his tender!! A beautiful afternoon sail to Dumbell Island where we snorkel with Nimos, clown fish, living inside anemones among the fire coral. Tonight the ladies from Brisbane are in fine form drinking vodka, lime and soda after snorkelling is finished for the day and we join the celebration as we sail to our final moorage in Nara Inlet. Each evening Chris rolls out the navigational maps to show us where we have sailed and talks about the history, tides and reefs in fact there is no question he cannot answer. We are moored at the mouth of Refuge Bay on Nara Inlet a protected area sailers have brought their boats to ride out cyclones and home to an aboriginal tribe originating in Papua New Ginny. The Spanish Conquistadors sailed into this inlet in the 1700's, unfortunately the aboriginals rowing out to greet the ship were met with violence as this was taken as an act of aggression. The remaining aboriginals were hunted down before a ceremony for the spirits of dead was performed so they could be at peace. Chris has noted that Passengers have very vivid dreams overnight in this vivid dreams for me I did not sleep!!

Our day begins with Stand Up Paddle Boarding in the calm waters of Nara Inlet before we sail for port. With lots of encouragement we finally stand up and paddle away from the boat however going out is much easier than turning around and coming back. Champagne and a wonderful cheese tray beautifully presented by Morgan, compliments of the crew marks the end of our journey. This has not just been a 3 day 3 night sail this has been a life experience that will stay with us forever!!
Maureen and John Sanborn, England

Summertime Aug 2016

The old boat has lots of atmosphere, very authentic.  The crew is incredibly efficient and professional.  Everyone of the 3 crew members knew what they were doing.  They are all very dedicated to their work.  The food was delicious. 
Trip Highlight : Diving, kayaking, the serenity of the Whitsundays, the great atmosphere on the boat.
Helga, Australia

Kiana Mar 2016

We were thrilled with our three day/two night cruise on the MS Kiana.  The snorkeling and diving at Luncheon Bay (Hook Island) and Bait Reef were spectacular and our walk and swim on Whitehaven Beach was fabulous.  We also enjoyed meeting our fellow passengers (three couples and two single persons) from Europe and Canada. 

Our captain and crew were outstanding.  They were cheerful, enthusiastic, encouraging, tireless and efficient.  Their daily schedules provided time for relaxing and socializing but also maximized our time in the water.  Brent (our captain) and our dive instructors (Chris and Francesca) are masterful at organizing and leading snorkel and dive trips which accommodate beginner, intermediate and advanced abilities.  My first two introductory dives were on the Kiana and Francesca made it easy for me to overcome my fears and doubts so I throughly enjoyed two dives (one at Hook Island and one at Bait Reef).

The boat offers plenty of shade as well as relaxing sun bathing locations.  Its very clean and extremely well maintained.  The snorkel and dive equipment and wetsuits are first class.  I highly recommend the MS Kiana and will definitely sail with Brent and his team on my next visit to the Whitsunday Islands.
Ann & Rod, USA

Summertime Dec 2015

Thank you Brad, Daniel and Allie for what has been a fun loving, delicious, educational first time sailing experience.  I will highly recommend to family and friends.  May even be back myself! :)  Keep up the great work, go team!  trip highlight chilling with a turtle during our kayak trip.
Jess, Australia
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