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 Oct 2017

An all round wonderful experience. Lovely crows of people. So lucky with the weather.  Brad and Daniel very caring and kind. Daniel-so entertaining!
Trip highlight- whitehaven Beach, kayaking, minky whale, shark, turtles!
Brook Family, England

Kiana Oct 2017

We have had an exceptional few days with Brent, Ari and Sam, on Kiana.  We were welcomed warmly which in itself was a memorable moment as they got off Kiana to take us aboard!  Their care and attention continued throughout the few days, both on & off Kiana.

The whole experience has been truly memorable ........and on cold wet winter nights back in the UK we will look back and think...'we actually went to the Great Barrier Reef..wasn't it just brilliant'

Our very grateful thanks to each of them and thank you for the loan of Kiana! We were sad to leave!

We wish you all well.
Tim and Judy, UK

 Aug 2017

Great crew, very friendly and professional.  Daniel had a great sense of humour.  Amanda a very good cook, excellent meals.  Jessie full of information and a great captain.  Love the whole trip, perfect weather, highlights snorkelling and kayaking.
Jill and Tom Burton, Australia

 Jul 2017

Excellent work, hard at work to provide a 'family' feeling.  Liked the enthusiastic gesticulation of Lucas.  Group gam initiation by Jesse and great how Amanda cooked up such nice fresh tucka!
Tom, UK

Kiana Apr 2017

Our trip on MS Kiana was amazing and certainly one of the the major highlights of our once-in-a-lifetime month holiday in Australia. We would not hesitate to recommend this 3 day/2 night trip to anyone who wants to combine some diving and snorkelling on the far side of the Great Barrier Reef with a visit to Whitehaven Beach and some fabulous sailing in the Whitsundays. In the blink of an eye we would sail with Kiana and her brilliant crew again!

We found Kiana as the result of lots of on-line research prior to our trip and knew this was the only boat trip (April 24-26) we wanted to do; the only trip that offered the combination of all the things we were looking for. However, Cyclone Debbie hit Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays in March 2017 and caused devastation. Watching the news on TV from the comfort of home in the UK, we could not begin to imagine the extent of the damage to the underwater world in the Whitsundays and the GBR,  and how it might impact on the snorkelling and diving just one month later. Time and Mother Nature will heal the damage - but not soon enough for us!

There were 14 travellers and we all met up with Adam (dive master on our trip) at the marina at 8 in the morning. Once on board we were greeted by the owner Greg (who then departed), introduced to Roland (also a dive master but chef on our trip), and given a safety briefing by Brent (the captain). It was clear right from the start that he had years of experience, ran a tight ship and certain rules had to be followed. This instilled a sense of confidence and you felt that this was clearly a professional team who knew what they were doing and would keep you safe.

We were given a quick guided tour of the boat - beds and bathrooms to the fore and aft which were clean and tidy if a bit small. And also given instructions on the two minute water limit in the shower, and what not to do with the toilets!! There is also a communal sitting area downstairs but we never used it, preferring to either sit upstairs  in the shaded area at the back or lie on the deck in the sun at the front.

There was no hanging about and by 9 we were sailing towards Whitsunday Island to go ashore in the tender and visit Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach for a few hours. At the time we were there the waters were not crystal clear as a result of Debbie damage, but it was still stunningly beautiful. By the time the sun set we had moored up in a quiet bay off Hayman Island for the first night, and after dinner at 7 and drinks under the stars we were lulled to sleep by the gentle movement of the waves. 

Next morning we were up for breakfast at 6 and afterwards we dived in Blue Pearl Bay, but with visibility at just 2m it was disappointing, and we sailed on accepting that things would have been very different in these islands pre Debbie - and soon would be again - and hoping for better on the Reef.

By 9 we had left our peaceful mooring and set sail for the 3 hour journey to the Great Barrier Reef. This was a rough ride for a few of those on board at 20 knots with 1.5 metre waves. No one wanted to venture below but most were fine up in the fresh air.  Not everyone was ready for lunch though when we reached our destination and moored up - but most recovered quickly when food was served! Must mention here how tasty, varied and plentiful the food was on board; Roland looked after us well.

We were moored up in a quiet lagoon on Bait Reef and this was our base for snorkelling and diving until we started the long and peaceful journey home the following day; the sea was flat as a millpond on our return and we saw dolphins along the way.

On arrival at the Reef we had our first dive. It was an experience and there was plenty to see, but with visibility at just 7m it was not the dive in crystal clear water on the GBR that we had dreamed of. However Adam was an enthusiastic and attentive dive master who made sure that the diving was a positive experience for everyone who participated. On our trip 6 of us were certified divers, and 6 were try-divers and there was the chance for each of the groups to dive 3 times. There was also lots of opportunity to snorkel which was lovely with plenty to see close to the surface and easy access to the boat.

Just want to say how grateful I was to both Adam and Brent for the extra help they gave me. Although I am a certified diver and had passed the necessary pre-holiday medical required due to age and stage, at 64 and with RA, I am not as physically strong as I once was. Exiting the water and getting back onto the boat with tanks etc was a challenge too far! However, with their assistance I was able to tick 'diving on the GBR' off the bucket list!

Our second night was spent moored up on Bait Reef, miles from land and far from any light pollution. And wow ........ the night sky was just miraculous. Lying on our backs on the deck in total darkness, the skies were beyond beautiful.

The boat was lovely, the 3 crew were brilliant and looked after us well, and our fellow travellers - of all ages and from all over the world - were great company. Our trip on MS Kiana was an awesome experience and we will always treasure the memories. Cannot recommend it highly enough.
Diana Hunt (nee Garretts), UK
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