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The Whitsunday Islands are a snorkelling paradise with coral gardens, warm crystal blue waters that are clear enough to see every subtle colour on coral or a fish's tail. Throughout your sailing cruise you will journey amongst the 74 Whitsunday Islands, snorkel over some of the 3,000 reefs on the continental shelf, swim amongst the 400 different types of coral and meet around 1,500 species of marine life including many turtles, dolphins and much more. We even have the humpback whales visit the Whitsundays from July to September. 

We operate in one of the most beautiful nature preserves in the world. Everything you see and do with us is dependent on the good health of our environment. Please respect the marine and national parks in
which we operate and take care to have minimal impact on the areas we visit. By doing so you help ensure it may be shared with others in the future.


Snorkel equipment and stinger suits are included in the trip. All our vessels carry floating devices so even if you are not a strong swimmer there is no reason why you can't see the amazing underwater world teaming with marine life.
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