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Australia is a home of thousands of wild species and hundreds of yet undiscovered wildlife creatures. A great number of its flowering plants, mammals and aquatic animals are considered indigenous. And because of its amazing landscapes, scenic mountain views and of course its mega marine biodiversity life, no wonder it is dubbed as one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

With thousands of visitors both local and foreign tourists flock in to this wonderful country, the tourism industry is considered as one of its major economic boosters. For those adventure seekers, this is the perfect spot to explore the mountains, go trailing and have a close encounter with some of the instinct species in the world.

Australia has a unique body of land characteristics. It is considered as a continent and an island state at the same time. Further, this big country is composed of smaller interstate islands of which, some of these are the top vacation spots throughout the entire region. One worth mentioning is the Whitsunday group of islands. This is the favorite location for tourists who visit Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. With white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, this is definitely a perfect beach getaway for beach lovers.

There are great fun activities to do in this tropical paradise. You can try Whitsundays kayak fun, go snorkeling or dive into the rich aquatic world. One of the reasons why many people prefer to spend their holidays here is its accessibility and convenient transportation. The local governments in cooperation with the travel agencies and airline companies have provided an easy and comfortable travel experience for all visitors. There are lots of wonderful tour packages which are fairly affordable. So, families and honeymooners can enjoy cruise adventure, bushwalk or kayaking Whitsundays is popular of.

Whitsunday islands serve as the gateway to one of the World Heritage listed site and among the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Barrier Reef. The entire coral reef system is composed of a wide variety of colorful coral formations which serve as sanctuaries to different tropical sea creatures. This is a perfect location for scuba divers who want to explore the underworld marine life, witnessing all sorts of tropical fishes, whales, dolphins, distinct aquatic creatures and various vibrant coral gardens.

There is just so much to discover on this naturally beautiful country. The progressive and densely-populated state of Queensland for instance, is the prime location of many tourist spots in the state. Visitors enjoy the warm breeze in the tropical islands, be amazed by witnessing the incredible rich aquatic biodiversity and experience all-out fun with water activities like underwater explore, cruising, sailing or sea kayaking Whitsundays is known for. Also, the Golf Coast boasts its top 5 world-class amusement parks that showcase Australia’s rich natural beauty. And for nature lovers, there are also several nature and wildlife parks around the state.

When planning for your family holiday break in Australia, try searching for some wonderful tour packages online. If you want to hit the white sand or explore the rich sea world, then you may opt to travel in these wonderful tropical islands in the continent. Activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, Eco sailing and kayak Whitsundays fun are just a few of the many exciting things you can do during your vacation here.

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