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  • Action Packed Sea Kayaking, Sailing and Scuba Diving
  • Old world charm with modern comforts
  • Ultimate sailing with low guest numbers of 16
  • Fully air conditioned share and private cabins
  • Fresh water hot tub/spa
  • Delicious meals from the renowned menu

Summertime Whitsundays

Sea kayaking, sailing, and scuba diving provide an action packed adventure! Old world charm and classic oiled timbers are combined with the modern convenience of a fully air-conditioned vessel, nine of the latest inflatable two person kayaks, DVD/PC system and on board fresh water hot tub/spa. The 3 crew, including a dive instructor will make the experience above and the scuba below the water unforgettable. Meals from our renowned menu, the spacious decks and the on board hot tub will make relaxing easy.

More about Summertime

Try Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking, Sailing and Scuba Diving will provide an action packed adventure.  Summertime is a classic timber square rigged vessel with all modern comforts – the perfect way to enter another world of freedom. Enjoy the ambience of traditional sailing in ultimate comfort as Summertime plys the sparkling waters of the beautiful Whitsundays. Handcrafted in 1947 by master shipwrights, Summertime has a rich history and has been lovingly restored and immaculately maintained in the ultimate sailing comfort. While retaining all of her old world charm, the boat also boasts an onboard freshwater hot Jacuzzi, hi tech DVD/PC entertainment system, full air conditioning throughout, luxurious berths and nine of the latest inflatable two person kayaks.

Enjoy the Voyage

After you are welcomed aboard by our friendly crew, the lines are thrown away and you're underway.  As the sails are raised you settle in on the teak decks for the ride.  Our crew take this opportunity to guide you through some safety and snorkeling briefs as you leave the bustling mainland behind… and the magic of sailing begins to set in with the gentle lap of the ocean against the hull and a frothy trail in your wake.

The only vessel in the Whitsundays to offer unique kayaking adventures, a Summertime voyage promotes eco friendly exploration of the islands as you glide quietly into hidden inlets or secret beaches and soak up the ever changing but always magnificent scenery.  This would have to be one of the worlds most ideal paddling playgrounds and these 2 person kayaks make for the perfect Whitsundays expedition!  Our kayaks open up a whole new world accessible only to shallow water craft.  In action you will paddle leisurely around picturesque inlets, watching for the odd turtle or stingray and as the crystal clear water shallows all types of fish can been seen below as you paddle past ancient trees - and watch out for the beauty of a magnificent sea eagle soaring above!  Alternately, embarking on a longer blue water expedition from one cove to another with the Coral Sea stretching endlessly before you is an exhilarating and breathtaking experience. There's so much wildlife to see and endless waterways to explore in the Whitsundays, many accessible only by shallow water craft. Our kayaks are extremely easy to paddle and are very comfy. It's a great way to explore with minimal human impact and our crew possess an intimate knowledge of the islands, their wildlife and ecology. As they guide you through this ancient marine wonderland, you not only enjoy a lot of fun and some amazing scenery but also gain valuable insights into the unique ecology and wildlife of this amazing island chain.

Discover Diving

Discovering the wonders below the water is also easy aboard Summertime. The Whitsunday islands can definitely be a divers and snorkelers paradise and your onboard Dive Instructor will make your SCUBA experience below the water unforgettable.  The opportunities are almost endless in the Whitsundays and we carry a full complement of dive gear aboard.  Our local area of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is rated among the best in the world with over 100 chartered dive sites, many with National Park mooring buoys.  We can show you huge coral bommies, vertical coral walls, stunning swim throughs, massive coral structures with huge overhangs, even secret caverns and the most amazing fish life. You may swim with turtles, huge gropers and play with schools of tropical fish and you will be amazed by the bright and vivid colours. With its warm water, calm seas, and easy beach entries the Australian Whitsunday Islands are the perfect place for the novice diver to be introduced to the wonderful world of SCUBA.  In the Whitsunday Islands, where year-round the water temperature stays close to 25 C, diving is rarely deeper than 80 feet and most dives are at between 30 and 60 feet. Visibility is mostly good to excellent. Combine a great sailing adventure with snorkeling and diving in one of the world's most spectacular cruising grounds. For the experienced diver Summertime offers a sensational platform to explore from. Onboard tank fillers mean air fills are unlimited and you are quite welcome to dive straight from the back of the vessel.  For the novice or rusty diver we happy to supply dive guides at no added cost, these highly trained instructors can also point out the features and highlights to be found at each new dive site.  This is our paradise we would like to share it with you…

Memories in the Making

Whether enjoying the thrill of sailing, exploring by kayak or venturing below, our crew's intimate local knowledge means you are always shown the best of the Whitsundays in the best ways possible. And our hi tech Canon 10 meg camera is always at hand to capture your Summertime adventures forever – and with underwater housing, your diving and snorkeling forays are also forever remembered!

Summertime's aft deck space is home to our freshwater heated Jacuzzi. It is the ideal place to relax after diving, snorkeling and kayaking. Pure Bliss... Our comfortable Spa is heated via quiet diesel generator and we can easily adjust the temperature to suit the prevailing conditions. It is simply awesome to climb in after a Scuba dive and gently feel the hot bubbles sooth the tired limbs. The highlight of the day will always be to sip on a glass of bubbly and watch the sunset slowly over the mainland... pure bliss...

Exploring the Whitsundays Summertime style allows a wide array of destinations to be leisurely enjoyed both above and below the Whitsundays sparkling waters. Our crew possess an intimate knowledge of the area gained over years of exploration and this wealth of knowledge is yours to share as they guide you through your Summertime voyage of discovery. Paddle peacefully by kayak into the far reaches of prehistoric Gulnare Inlet or magnificent Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island. Skim effortlessly over the pristine sand sweeps of magnificent Hill Inlet or land on a tiny isolated sand spit between craggy cliffs on Hayman Island.  Enjoy superb eco walks that will literally leave your senses awestruck and your spirit inspired. Sawmill Beach to Dugong Bay, Whitehaven Lookout, Nara Inlet ... these bushwalks offer a unique and breathtaking glimpse into the bio diversity and ageless beauty of this drowned mountain range. Dive and snorkel some of the worlds most renowned coral gardens and get close to some of their amazing inhabitants ... Blue Pearl Bay, Manta Ray Bay, Langford Reef and Cateran Bay are just a few of the pristine dive locations where you can meet with giant maori wrasse, lionfish and turtles or peruse underwater gardens unlike anything you've ever seen. Sailing Summertime in the Whitsundays is a tropical adventure that takes you to a myriad of glorious locations in absolute comfort and old world style. 

On your visit to Whitehaven Beach – you will soon see why it is rated one of the best beaches in the world!  It's a very inviting scene and you're soon down on the beach squelching your toes in the super fine silica sand and marveling how it isn't hot on your feet. Some indulge in a game of beach cricket or a spot of kite flying, others relax with a swim or a sunbake or you can choose a long stroll along the beach to take in the amazing views. All kinds of marine life can be spotted in the shallows and the odd dip to cool off is pure bliss.

Fabulous Food

Sailing and exploring the Whitsundays creates quite an appetite and luckily delicious meals are our trademark! Summertime’s menu is renowned worldwide and our crew will continually surprise you with their delectable creations.  Our friendly and enthusiastic crew arrange freshly prepared local foods throughout your journey – all prepared onboard to retain freshness and crispness.  Special diets and special occasions can be catered for.

A Typical menu ...

Day 1
Morning Tea: Tea & Coffee with an assortment of cakes.

Lunch: An assortment of fresh breads, meats, salads, fruits and condiments for you to make your own creation.

Afternoon tea: Tea and Coffee served with lamingtons (A traditional Australia Sweet), soft vanilla sponge cake coated in a light chocolate topping then sprinkled with shaved coconut.

Sunset Snacks: A selection of oven baked snacks and dipping sauces.

Dinner: Tender chicken thigh fillets, marinated in succulent honey mustard and mixed herbs, served with a fresh cherry tomato, fetta cheese, green olives stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and spanish onion salad. Fresh green beans steamed and lightly tossed through garlic butter with oven roasted potatoes seasoned with fresh herbs and cracked pepper. Warm herb and Parmesan bread.

Dessert: Chocolate cake with a rich topping covered in creamy custard.

Day 2
Breakfast: A fresh tropical fruit salad, served with yoghurt. Warm raisin toast, fruit loaf, white and wholemeal bread. With a wide range of condiments, cereals and milk. Tea, coffee and juice.

Morning Tea: Tea and coffee served with assortment of cakes and biscuits.

Lunch: Thick soft focacia bread topped with grilled chicken, tabouli, sun dried tomatoes, avocado, onion and cheese lightly baked, served with a fresh caeser salad and a creamy tuna and asparagus pasta with a small platter of fresh fruit.

Afternoon Tea: Tea and coffee served with a chocolate and cream sponge roll.

Sunset Snacks: A large platter with cheese, carrot and celery sticks, kabana, pickled onions, crackers, corn chips and a selection of dips.

Dinner: Tender scotch fillet steaks in a secret marinade. Served with a delicious tomato, onion, garlic and mushroom pasta bake. Broccoli and cauliflower in a cheese sauce, served with a fresh garden salad and sun dried tomato pesto bread.

Dessert: Chocolate and caramel slice, made fresh on the boat from our own recipe.

Day 3
Breakfast: Crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, cereals, juice, tea and coffee

Morning Tea: Tea and coffee served with fruitcake and biscuits.

Lunch: BBQ Sausages, coleslaw, creamy potato salad and a fresh green salad.

Now that we've made your mouth water, we'd like to make you picture a typical evening onboard Summertime in the beautiful Whitsundays.  Taking in the sunset with a cold drink on deck is a must and after desert you can watch a movie in air conditioned comfort... or another have another Jacuzzi... heaven.  And there is the entertainment of our slide shows each night in the saloon – all of the days dive photos... picture postcard stuff and there's always some action heroes for a good laugh.  Talking about laughs… there are also some secret Summertime games that will have you bending like never before!??

Relax in the Hot Tub

A Summertime voyage is a full three day, two night Whitsunday adventure discovering another world of pure wonder in classic style and superb comfort.  The ever changing 360 degree views of paradise, spacious decks where you can choose shade or sun, our friendly skipper to chat to and teach you a few things in the wheelhouse, a spacious and comfy saloon and luxurious berths to enjoy a brilliant sleep as the ocean laps the wooden hulls while Summertime bubs gently at anchor – these are all things you can look forward to.  The delicious meals from our renowned menu, kayaking adventures and the onboard hot tub will make relaxing a dream and sailing back to Airlie Beach you will feel as if you've been at sea far longer than three days.  Our guests return tanned, content and full of wonder at all they've experienced. Your Summertime voyage in the Whitsundays will be your best holiday ever and as Jacques Cousteau says, your eyes can truly be "Opened by the Sea". This ambience must be experienced for yourself - you're in for a real treat…!

Make Your Vacation Fun with Kayaking

Are you planning your next vacation sometime very soon? If yes, then stop holding yourself within the borders of your country. It does not mean that you should not respect the heritages of your country, but at the same time you should also acknowledge the heritages that rest of the world has. When it comes to spending a vacation with family or friends then no other place can be better than islands. However, when it comes to choosing an island, people may get perplexed. In reality, they need not be confused because they can always choose Whitsunday as the best island to spend a good time with the close ones.
Whitsunday is a well-known part of Australia and is a cluster of numbers of continental islands that vary from size to size and also known for its scenic beauty. This island promises a vacation that is full of fun to its visitors. As a matter of fact, this island witnesses high population of people every year and almost every year the population of tourists increases by an inch.
The serene water and the scenic beauty of this island of course make the environment romantic, but apart from these, the island is also famous for kayaking. In fact, when one usually talks about this island, the first thing that comes in mind of the general population is kayak Whitsundays. The trend of kayaking Whitsundays has been in existence since many years. This is the reason it makes it more popular. It also has been proved that the water level of this island is perfect for kayaking because kayaking cannot be done in any water level. It is said that the risks of accidents while kayaking are very less when it is done in Whitsunday. As a matter of truth, Whitsunday has also one more name which is popularly called as kayak Whitsunday because people across the world not only become part of this island every year just to spend some quality time with their dear ones, many of them make it a point to visit this island almost every year just to have fun with kayaking.
It is a fact that no two places can be compared in regard of their positive sides, but when it comes to having a pleasant time with your family and adding a pinch of fun with kayaking then no other place can be as better as Whitsunday of Australia.

Summertime Testimonials

Summertime Aug 2017

Great crew, very friendly and professional.  Daniel had a great sense of humour.  Amanda a very good cook, excellent meals.  Jessie full of information and a great captain.  Love the whole trip, perfect weather, highlights snorkelling and kayaking.

Jill and Tom Burton, Australia

Summertime Jul 2017

Excellent work, hard at work to provide a 'family' feeling.  Liked the enthusiastic gesticulation of Lucas.  Group gam initiation by Jesse and great how Amanda cooked up such nice fresh tucka!

Tom, UK

Summertime Aug 2016

The old boat has lots of atmosphere, very authentic.  The crew is incredibly efficient and professional.  Everyone of the 3 crew members knew what they were doing.  They are all very dedicated to their work.  The food was delicious. 
Trip Highlight : Diving, kayaking, the serenity of the Whitsundays, the great atmosphere on the boat.

Helga, Australia

Summertime Dec 2015

Thank you Brad, Daniel and Allie for what has been a fun loving, delicious, educational first time sailing experience.  I will highly recommend to family and friends.  May even be back myself! :)  Keep up the great work, go team!  trip highlight chilling with a turtle during our kayak trip.

Jess, Australia

Summertime Nov 2015

What an amazing trip with friends and family on a great boat!  A great way to see the Whitsundays.  Gluten free food was the best thank you Bonny x  Dan- loved the slideshow! Brad- great skipper!  Loved snorkelling, kayaking, trip to the beach (saw turtles!!!)

Caroline, UK

Summertime Oct 2015

The crew were great!  They treated us more like friends and not customers.  Everyone was kind, friendly and hospitable.  The activities were amazing.  Highlight :  Scuba diving!

Mostafa, USA

Summertime Aug 2015

Amazing trip- great crew and fellow travellers.  Very relaxed itinerary which we liked.  Good early starts - great for the kids.  We all thoroughly enjoyed this trip!

Tony, UK

Summertime Aug 2015

Really friendly and informative crew.  The children were accommodated really well and their trip was certainly made more special by the crew.  The places we stopped at were perfect.  We will always remember and recommend Summertime.  THANKS!!

Paula, UK

Summertime Apr 2015

It was one of the best experiences in Australia and my life.  The staff was so friendly.  It was definitely the money worth, because we could do so many things, like diving, kayaking and snorkelling.  I did really enjoy the good food. 
Trip highlight: Everything, but especially the see the dolphins around the boat.

Carola, Switzerland

Summertime Apr 2015

The trip was amazing!  Staff is super friendly and during the whole trip were always keeping us informed of the activities and information about Whitsundays Islands!  Food is great too!  Lots of snacks in between dives! Loved everything! :)

Mariana, Brazil

Summertime Apr 2015

I'm so glad we booked the trip with Summertime.  It's a good atmosphere and really good staff and food.  Really loved the food!  Could stay on the boat for a longer time.  And good activities as well :)

Emma, Sweden

Summertime Mar 2015

The Summertime crew were the perfect hosts in 'paradise'. cannot recommend highly enough, thanks Brad, Lucas, Anja and Nicole for a magical 3 days, never to be forgotten.

Jeremy, United Kingdom

Summertime Mar 2015

Had a truly wonderful three days with Brad and the crew ... Lucas, Anja and Nicole. Wonderful weather, AMAZING scenery and if you're lucky to have as friendly bunch of fellow passengers as we did, you'll never forget it. Fun at any age ... just do it!!

Gill, UK

Summertime Mar 2015

Had an amazing few days, crew are so friendly, really relaxed atmosphere.  The boat is great too!  Enjoyed all the activities especially the kayaking.  Great memories of whole experience.

Heather, England

Summertime Jan 2015

This was a brilliant trip that I made with my girlfriend, her brother and his girlfriend. The crew, Brad, Pascal and Noelle were first class. They were very accommodating and worked their socks off throughout the three days. The pictures that Noelle and Pascal took throughout were awesome and the DVD that you can buy at the end is extremely good value. The food was very tasty and Noelle worked her socks off preparing it, with Pascal cooking on the BBQ. The snorkeling, diving and kayaking was a great experience in beautiful scenery. There was a bad storm in the middle of the second night where the boat was rocking badly, Pascal was very reassuring and Brad made the decision to move the boat so it was more comfortable for us. I cannot fault the boat and crew! Couldn't recommend it more! Thank-you

Daniel, United Kingdom

Summertime Jul 2014

Staff friendly and helpful.  Food is amazing.  Time spent on Whitehaven Beach was enough- wasn't rushed.  Snorkelling spots were really good.  Overall you can understand why Summertime gets good reviews as it is fantastic.

Hayley, England

Summertime Jul 2014

Amazing trip!  Really well looked after by all the friendly crew and always had a full belly!  Really enjoyed all the information/photos about the fish and the reef and the boat.  Highlight - diving for first time, Shauny is a brilliant instructor and I felt very calm and safe!

Nia, Wales

Summertime Jul 2014

Friendly and smiling crew, amazing trip, snorkelling spots were various an wonderful, highly skilled crew, great program well managed with the weather, 5 star boat (hot tub great after snorkelling), very interesting info about the wildlife. Thanks guys!!

Quentin and Anne, France

Summertime Mar 2014

Very laid back and relaxed trip, enjoyed the food, music, crew were very friendly.  DVD is a great memento.  VERY impressed and grateful to the skipper for keeping us out of the rain! Brittany worked so hard but had a great attitude and sense of humour.  Sea kayaking as a great start to the trip.  Whitehaven beach was paradise!  Thank you for a lovely time guys x

Heidi, England

Summertime Feb 2014

Absolutely loved every second.  The food was fantastic and just a the right times.  The activities were explained really well.  All he crew were just so friendly ad made the whole trip really relaxed. Trip Highlight : Kayak, stingrays, turtle.
Thanks so much guys will definitely recommend.

Bec, England

Summertime Feb 2014

Great food and activities every day.  Felt very safe diving and good instruction.  Boat kept really clean and accommodation very comfy.  Great organisation so that everyone is kept active and not crowed on a boat.

Jo, UK

Summertime Feb 2014

Having Brad as skipper who owns the boat gives a real authentic feel and shows the personal interest in the trip.  Alessio a true legend, grafted his nuts off, always had a smile and made us feel safe.  Britt was a ray of sunshine, great food and doing the photos for everything showed real spirit.

John, England

Summertime Jan 2014

All very hardworking, there to make our trip as pleasant as possible.  Great at learning our names and making us feel welcome.  Knowledgeable and always safety conscious.  Very enjoyable trip thank you very much Brad, Alessio and Britt

Alison, N. Ireland

Summertime Jan 2014

Britt, Alessio and Brad were great!  Fantastic 3 day sail.  They know great spots.  They let everyone enjoy the beauty around us.  Britt is a masterful and fun photographer.  Alessio is a funny guy and great scuba host.  I would recommend to anyone looking for a fun adventure at Great Barrier Reef!

John and Shaina Lynch, USA

Summertime Dec 2013

I really enjoyed sailing on Summertime and chose the right boat to do so.  I liked te mood on board and the good mix of people.  The crew were very nice, gave good instructions and made me fee safe at all times.  Boat was in good condition and cabin comfortable.  Will recommend this boat, thanks for the good time!

Fabrizio, Switzerland

Summertime Dec 2013

Food was brilliant, DVD idea great, nice small friendly boat and excellent variety of things to do each day.  Small friendly vessel with a great crew.  Had a great laugh taking pictures with Alex.  Great variety of things to do and see.

Harriet and Clarissa, England

Summertime Dec 2013

The trip was amazing.  Have done a few similar excursions earlier but this is by far the best one.  Great vibe on board with Big Brad, DJ Alessio and Alex the masterchef (best food we've had on this trip so far).  Could write a lot more!  Truly great guys, far better than we expected- we'll definitely recommend to our friends to go with Summertime!

Orman, Sweden

Summertime Dec 2013

Amazing Crew! Very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and fun.  Activities excellent, locations beautiful! Excellent food! Good timing of everything, well organized trip.  Best time and experience!  Thank you :)

Erin and Blair, Canada

Summertime Nov 2013

This trip was AMAZING.  The crew is really friendly and lovely.  I also got impressed of the food. It was really good. I will recommend this trip to everybody I know.  I just have to say "WOW, AMAZING" :) :)

Helge and Marielle, Norway

Summertime Oct 2013

Really good, very relaxing and enjoyable.  We liked the activities and that there was no pressure to participate (even though we said 'no' to nothing!). Also the crew were good, and their relaxed professionalism set a great tone for the trip.

Heather, UK

Summertime Jun 2013

Loved the trip, staff were really friendly, food was fab.  Mikey the instructor was really patient and helped me through my into dive.  Seen some of the most amazing sights on my travelling trip so far so thank you very much.

Alex, Uk

Summertime Jun 2013

The trip was incredible all staff were really friendly and helpful!  The food was brilliant as were the activities.  The instructor for the dive-Mike was very patient and knowledgeable.  We really enjoyed everything. had such an amazing time.  Thanks Brad, Mike, Ally and Holly :)

Sinead, UK

Summertime Jun 2013

Amazing experience.  Loved every minute.  The crew and boat were brilliant.  I\'ll remember this trip forever.  Thanks for the memories.

Mike, England

Summertime Jun 2013

We had a wonderful time all together!  Thank you all for hosting us with such passion and lots of good ideas (DVD), the food was delicious.  We will always remember this 3 days!
Trip Highlight: The entire tour: scuba diving, kayaking, food, pictures.....
Thank you all!!!

Sylvie and Bertie, Germany

Summertime Apr 2013

Thanks for this fantastic time.  It was perfect!!!! The weather, the crew, the travelers, the wildlife and the activities.  I'm very impressed.  It makes my stay in Australia special.  Thanks for this experience.

Claudia, Germany

Summertime Feb 2013

The whole setup was perfect! Diving, snorkeling and kayaking, I loved all of it! And the weather was splendid even though it was the wet season:)

Anna, Sweden

Summertime Feb 2013

Its been amazing!! The face that the crew were so nice and really relaxed contributed so much!  Big plus to the captain for playing good music! And great food!

Karolina, Sweden

Summertime Feb 2013

The best 3 days of my 6 weeks in Australia so far.  Adam and Siggy are so hardworking but nonstop friendly even if they should be tired.  Food was amazing, amazing amazing.  Mantary Bay and Hill Inlet were highlights

Maisie, UK

Summertime Dec 2012

We had a wonderful time.  Although the weather was pretty bad the first two days, the crew did everything in their effort to make this trip awesome.  Thank you so much!! And Merry Christmas!

Diana and Peter, Netherlands

Summertime Dec 2012

Great trip:) Cool people and delicious food!!!  And we saw a hammer head!  It is good when there are not so many people on board! It's better than a big boat.

Linda, Germany

Summertime Dec 2012

Brilliant hosts/chefs.  Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Felt safe and in good hands at all times.  really enjoyable holiday.  Will definitely recommend to family and friends.  Thank you!!!

Annika, UK

Summertime Dec 2012

Really, really nice staff; taking care of all the needs of the customers and a nice family like atmosphere.  Thanks to Ziggy :)
Good laughs and an amazing time on the boat, definitely not the last time sailing!!

Verena, Germany

Summertime Nov 2012

What a fantastic trip!  Everything we had hoped for.  Great staff, great activities and great food.  Vegetarian food options were excellent.  We had fun, we relaxed and we will definitely  recommend Summertime. Thanks everyone!

Amanda, Australia

Summertime Dec 2012

I really enjoyed the 3 days on summertime.  The boat is amazing as well as the staff.  Everyone is getting on well with each other and there was a very good ambience.  We also had a very nice group which was great.  And of course the Whitsunday Islands itself and the snorkelling.  In total an amazing trip! Thanks

Lynn, Luxembourg

Summertime Oct 2012

My husband and I spent three great days exploring the Whitsundays on this sailboat. There were only 13 of us which was great as we got to know each other. Each day we did different activities of which the snorkeling and kyaking were the highlights. The captain, Brad, and his crew were very friendly, knowlegable and really seemed to enjoy us and working with each other. We felt very safe with them. Food was very good and plenty of it including snacks. We would love to return again some day!

Linda Cole, Canada

Summertime Jul 2012

We booked Summertime this past July.  Overall, it was a fantastic trip and one which many of our other experiences in the area had to live up to.  I'd recommend it. The trip has a nice variety of beach, diving/snorkeling, kayaking, and relaxing.    Food was great and they did a nice job finding the  wildlife (whales, manta rays, sting rays).  The sleeping quarters are cozy but worked fine and that\'s what I was looking for in a boat - not luxury, but not super cramped.  We got to know everyone on the boat, which was great.  If you were to go on a chill boat trip with some good friends this is what it would be like.

Jake Strzelecki, USA

Summertime May 2012

The Whitsunday Island tour on the Summertime was worth every money! It was a 3 days/2 nights trip. Besides sailing - of course - we went kayaking, snorkeling/diving, visited Whitehaven Beach and also had the chance to see dolphins from the boat. The crew was absolutely amazing! Very friendly, helpful and funny! The food was always delicious (we also had barbecues there!!!) and more than enough!! The Summertime doesn't take as many people as some other boats, which gives also space for a bit privacy. And on the top the boat has a Jacuzzi. What do you need more!? If I ever have the chance to go back to Australia, I will do this tour again!

Katharina, Germany

Summertime Aug 2012

Ce séjour sur Summertime est mon top 1 des 6 semaines passées en Australie cet été. Le bateau en bois est très confortable, tout est pensé pour le bien-être des passagers avec simplicité et attention. L'équipage partage son amour des Whitsundays islands, son amour de la mer et de ses richesses ! Embarquez et vous verrez ! Merci à Brad, Alex et Mickey pour ces 3 jours incroyables...

Sandrine, France

Summertime Aug 2012

Awesome, saw turtles, sharks, rays, whales and opreys plus many random little fish, awesome food, a friendly and informative crew, other fun loving guests and great weather to top it off. Cheers!

James, UK

Summertime Aug 2012

Amazing so yummy!  Mickey was a fab dive buddy and thoroughly enjoyed the singalong with Mickey!!  Thank you for organising all the animals!! Couldn't have asked for more.  Thank you Brad, Mickey and Alex for a wonderful trip! xx

Helen, England

Summertime Aug 2012

Absolutely delightful, the crew was great, the activities were perfectly planned and we had a lot of time to enjoy them. Definitely a highligh of our trip in Australia.

Petra & Eric, Croatia & France

Summertime Jun 2012

Great trip!  Saw and did lots of things without feeling rushed, very relaxing!  Food was amazing!  Weather was perfect and loved seeing manta rays for the first time! Thanks!! :)

Jonny, UK

Summertime Jun 2012

Could not have made a better choice out of all the boats on offer. Summerime was the full package with bushwalking, stunning beaches, snorkelling, on board diving, kayaking, amazing marine life, sailing, plentiful tasty food and BYO. Laid back (do it all or do nothing, your choice) and very social. If you're looking for an experience and not a party then you can't go past Summertime. As an old Aussie icon Mollie Meldrum would say "Do yourself a favour"

Donna E, Australia

Summertime Jun 2012

Experience of a lifetime! All the emails that promised an amazing time at booking came true!  A great 3 days of amazing fish/coral, wonderful people, a thoughtful crew & best yet, delicious food!

Daniel, USA

Summertime Jun 2012

The Summertime was an absolutely fantastic Whitsunday adventure. The crew was great, the food was delicious, and the activities were fun. I especially appreciated the great diving instruction. It made it enjoyable for both the certified and uncertified divers in our group! I wish I could have stayed on the boat for more than 3 days!

Sarah, USA

Summertime May 2012

Great trip from start to finish. Diving fantastic, crew fun, and the captain wise. And the hot tub rocked...! Thanks a lot

Will, UK

Summertime May 2012

Great times!  I really enjoyed the time, being out in the nature, seeing the Whitsundays from a boat, on a hike, in the water diving and on the water with the kayak.  Food was delicious and staff very friendly.  Thank you!

Rafael, Switzerland

Summertime May 2012

The days were just great! Great people, great crew & great food.  The Whitsundays are impressive and I’m glad I booked a trip with overnight stay as it gave me (almost) enough time to experience all the great things out there! I’m glad I was here….

Marie, Germany

Summertime Mar 2012

Most memorable part was the second dive, especially because Brandon put me at ease.  I couldn't have done it without him:)  Jo and Brad were really cool, especially Jo and the photos she took at Whitehaven when we had a down pour.  Great attitude and made us laugh:)
Thank you for everything!

Jasmine, Canada

Summertime Mar 2012

We have three amazing days with a lot of experiences, it's funny!! We saw wonderful landscapes and we made a lot of friends of different countries!! Thanks for all!! We enjoyed so much!!

Spain 'Friends', Spain

Summertime Mar 2012

Excellent experience.  Good location, really relaxed I felt very at home.  All crew really great at making the trip fantastic.  Wish I could stay aboard for longer!  Thanks muchly!
ps.  LOVE the photos you've taken-will remind me of outstanding times.

David, UK

Summertime Feb 2012

Had a wonderful 3 days. All staff more than helpful, friendly, professional and happy to help.  Nothing was too much trouble.  Food and activities were excellent.  Boat was clean and comfy.  Thank you for an amazing trip!!

Jenna and Matt, UK

Summertime Mar 2012

We had a fantastic time. The crew are very knowledgeable, very friendly and made us feel very at home.  Would definitely book Summertime again.  Slainte!!!!

Brid and Damian, Ireland

Summertime Jan 2012

Great staff, excellent supply and variety of food. Enjoyed the information provided on the marine life-the ship and area.  Felt safety was a priority-excellent!
Thank you to your team! Cheers!!

Scott, Canada

Summertime Nov 2011

Jon really enjoyed the scuba diving, Chris was a great teacher and he felt really safe. The snorkel spots were amazing especially since they were all different.  Loved the kayaking and sail back to Airlie even though Brad splashed us!!!! Thanks guys!!

Moniek & Jon, Canada

Summertime Nov 2011

It felt well guided, well fed & well cared for.  You all went well above & beyond in meeting all my needs & answering all my questions.  Thank you for being a wonderful part of my journey.

Gini, USA

Summertime Oct 2011

Awesome crew, awesome passengers, awesome trip!  Dive was incredible, only reason didn't do another was due to money shortage.  Flo was an amazing instructor & just what I need for my first dive.  Brendan was a great confidence booster too and even though was his first trip seemed to fit in with crew well.  Thank you for having us and making our whitsundays memorable. xxx

Leanne & Graeme, England

Summertime Oct 2011

Great crew great food, the ambiance was very nice.  I feel like we made the best of the time we had and that every member of the crew was devoted to make our vacation fun and enjoyable.

Jessica, Canada

Summertime Oct 2011

Attentive looking, well feeling, great service, always delicious meals, fantastic trip! Thank you!

Regina, Germany

Summertime Aug 2011

It was lovely. thank you all so much for a great trip, looking after us and the kids, feeding us well and making it possible for us all to join in the activities.  Amy said it was a lovely boat for her first time at sea. Thanks very much for a great time.

Andrew, England

Summertime Aug 2011

Fantastic crew, great boat and very good trip itinerary.  The diving was excellent and flo is a fantastic instructor.  The food was also excellent.  I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would certainly recommend.

Sarah, UK

Summertime Jul 2011

That was an awesome trip! Thanks to all of you guys:)! Perfect moment at the beach, nice pics, great dives and snorkel in a great place, same for kayak.  Beds perfect, really good quality and quantity of food-PERFECT!

Lucie, France

Summertime Jul 2011

I had a bloody awesome time on the boat! Great group of people, numbers were perfect. Crew made it a fantastic trip.  The diving was amazing, loved the food and would definitely tell others to book Summertime. Cheers! :)

Lorraine, Scotland

Summertime Sep 2011

We enjoyed the beauty of the islands, the crew, the food, the activities! Especially the diversity of activities offered on board made us decide to choose for Summertime.  We were not disappointed!!

Inge, Netherlands

Summertime Sep 2011

The trip was great! We all had a lot of fun, all the crew members were very helpful and kind. I hope to come aboard Summertime again. I especially enjoyed the scuba diving and kayaking (saw a lot of turtles!)
Thanks to our Captain Brad, Flo our male mom and Kris.

Maya, Canada

Summertime Jan 2010

Hi there
We just wanted to let you know that our 3 days on board Summertime was the highlight of our trip in Australia. It was a bit overwhelming arriving in Airlie and "shopping" for an experience. Unfortunately many agents are just trying to fill a boat. Since I was travelling with my daughter, I was looking for a family oriented ship. It was purely by chance that the third agent we visited suggested Summertime. What a fabulous choice - fantastic crew - competent captain, first mate/scuba guy had excellent communication and social skills and the cook was great. We really enjoyed the variety of the activities -hike, kayak, scuba, snorkelling, evening informative talks on sea life.
Sailing on Summertime was the best experience of our three month trip in Australia. Thanks!
Give to the amazing crew and thanks to the agent who directed us -she was outstanding in dealing with us.

lynne pajot, canada

Summertime Aug 2011

This trip was excellent, I had a wonderful time and would recommend it to anyone.  Ella's cooking was great especially considering I'm gluten intolerant and so not the easiest person to provide food for. Thanks for everything guys.

M chappell, England

Summertime Jul 2010

Fantastic trip aboard Summertime! Great crew, fabulous food, and hearing whale song whilst diving, just magical! Not to mention all the other amazing wildlife we saw on the trip. Thanks to Kris, Brad and Flo for giving us such an exciting trip!

Rachel, Norway

Summertime May 2011

We had an amazing Whitsundays experience thanks to the great group we had, the crew and the boat! Food was awesome, hot tub we loved and the company was great! Thanks guys!

Christian and Samantha, Canada

Summertime Apr 2011

The activities were awesome, I really enjoyed the snorkeling. Food and all staff were excellent, which made the trip even better. Great atmosphere on board the ship. I would recommend!!

Alan, Scotland

Summertime Mar 2011

Crew were excellent, great fun from the start which made the trip amazing.  Very knowledgeable on the area and its wildlife.  Vessel sailed around some of the best parts of the islands which made the experience fantastic. Cheers!

Jennie Campbell, England

Summertime Mar 2011

I had a fab time aboard Summertime, all the crew were friendly and helpful and the trip had a very relaxed vibe. The diving was gorgeous, kayaking great fun (if a little damp!) and food was fantastic (especially the caramel slice!) Thanks!

Sam Smith, UK

Summertime Mar 2011

Thank you so much. I had a brilliant time on Summertime. It was great to be able to do lots of fun stuff whilst also enjoying a chilled atmosphere.  The crew were fun and friendly and the food was awesome!

Mel, England

Summertime Mar 2011

I had a fab time aboard Summertime. All the crew were friendly and helpful and the trip had a very relaxed vibe.  the diving was gorgeous, kayaking great fun (if a little damp!) and food was fantastic especially the caramel slice!) Thanks!

Sam, UK

Summertime Feb 2011

I thought that this trip would be amazing before I went and now that we have finished it, It was even better than I could have imagined. All the activities were so much fun and the views were stunning. And the people were just amazing as well. Would re-do this again in a heartbeat.

Weizhen, USA

Summertime Feb 2011

Fantastic experience for me to Kayak, Snorkel and especially Scuba dive which I have never done before. Not bad for a non-swimmer! Thanks.

Liam, Ireland

Summertime Feb 2011

Flo made me dive when I was initially not going to. I'm so glad he did, I had an amazing time. He was a great Instructor!! Food was brilliant, thanks to Britta ( our Mum on board) Skipper kept us all safe and happy. The boat is great, the crew are even greater!!

Jaqui, England

Summertime Jan 2011

Great organisation and timing with the visits, avoiding the big crowds and daily excursions.  The food is also an important factor and top 10 aboard! :)  And I had a my first dive with no pain in the ears with Andrea! Cool!!

Sandra, Portugal

Summertime Jan 2011

A fantastic trip, exceeded my expectations. The staff were excellent, helpful, friendly and very knowledgable. The evening slideshows are a great touch! Thanks for a memorable trip!

Adam, UK

Summertime Jan 2011

Awesome dives, I saw my first turtles! We stayed a long time diving in the water, great! Enjoy gorgeous landscapes, makes me even prouder to be an Australian resident! Thank you for making me discover this part of my new country! Cyasoon!

Lydie, Australia

Summertime Feb 2010

This trip is definately the highlight of my stay in Aus!! Enjoyed every minute and food was excellent and a big variety, diving by far better than up in Cairns, hospitality was great and lots of fun and laughter.  Picture CD is a great thing to take home and enjoy watching for a long time!

Barbara, Austria

Summertime Jan 2010

There was a guitar on board....ah guitar!!!! :)
The crew were awesome at giving all the info about fish, etc.  I could just describle fishes colours and they would know what it was and show me in a book, hell yes!!!

William, Britain

Summertime Dec 2009

A fantastic trip- excellent crew, patient diving instructor, superb food and a fun atmosphere. A friendly group of mixed ages made the trip easy for a person travelling alone.  The diving was amazing.

Jane, England

Summertime Dec 2009

Nice and relaxing. Staff were friendly and even offered cuddles!! ( Also played great music). I had never been scuba diving before, Flo was very professional and really made me feel comfortable in the water.  Food was very good, Alice was a great hostess.  Cookie took us to some amazing spots and shared his knowledge of the region. Very interesting!!

Marian, Ireland

Summertime Nov 2009

Awesome 3 days and have never been so well fed in my life (Sophie not sure how you cooked such feasts in such a small kitchen!). Loved the whole experience can't speak highly enough of the crew (incredible, enthusiastic, personable, etc). Overall great times.  Will have to check out some NZ music thanks to DJ Cookie.

Henry Goldschmidt, England

Summertime Oct 2009

I thought the whole experience was fantastic!!  It had a very relaxed and friendly feel to the boat. I heard about Summertime through a friend who had been on the boat 4 months ago and loved it!! I got to try diving which I've never done before and Flo made it a great experience for me.  Thank you so much everyone :)

Roxanne, Britian

Summertime Oct 2009

Such a highlight of my trip to Oz.  Immediately the crew made me feel welcome and in safe hands.  Cookie is the main man, sound out (dodgy tunes-jokings) Choice!!! Flo is such an asset, patient, excellent instructor, sound out.  Shani is fantastic, keeps the buzz going, we didn't have to lift a finger, she is excellent at keeping us full of good good.  Cannot recommend this crew enough.

Marcus, Ireland

Summertime Sep 2009

We had a ball. The crew were all great. We were fed well, had good dives with reliable gear and enjoyed Summertime the vessel.  Thank you all for your energy and friendliness.  Cheers Cal.

Calum, Australia

Summertime Sep 2009

Really impressed with the itinerary, always pleny of options.  Whether going snorkelling or diving or going in the jacuzzi or watching Ice Age 2 downstairs!! :)  Food was amazing and plentiful.

Lila, England

Summertime Sep 2009

Amazing trip-will recommend! Everything better than I imagined! Crew awesome! Was nice to relax and not lift a finger! Best trip in Oz so far! Pictures don't do justice!

Helen, England

Summertime Sep 2009

Great Crew! Learned a lot! Answers to any questions! Confortable beds! Great nature experience.
Crew did a great job of difficult task and making 15 strangers feel comfortable with eachother right from the beginning!!

Hanns, Germany

Summertime Aug 2009

Amazing trip! Would and will recommend to everyone I meet! The diving was great, the kayaking was great, the food was great. I couldn't have had a better trip. Thank you so much!!!!

Ian, Canada

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