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SV Whitehaven

  • Young fun safari, guided walks, talks and activities
  • Sailing, bushwalks, kayaking, snorkelling, aboriginal culture
  • Extended visit to world famous Whitehaven Beach
  • Comfortable, stable ideal for first time sailors
  • Spacious decks, undercover seating, plentiful hot water
  • Plus too many eco and adventure tourism awards to mention

SV Whitehaven Whitsundays

This 17.5m ‘Beach Boat’ was designed to cruise tropical waters in style and comfort. With big open decks to sunbath on, plenty of on deck seating and a spacious aft deck boasting permanent shade, she is the ideal safari boat. With an emphasis on snorkelling, kayaking, sailing, eco guided island exploration and of course plenty of time enjoying Whitehaven Beach, if you want to spend more time exploring the islands and beaches, this Whitsunday Island Sailing safari is for you. A feature of this cruise is a high level of reef, rainforest and wildlife eco interpretation by formally trained crew.

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SV Whitehaven Testimonials

SV Whitehaven Jan 2012


Catrine, England

SV Whitehaven Jan 2012

Fantastic trip!! the crew were great and very helpful! we saw lots of brilliant marine life, and really enjoyed the snorkeling!
would recommend to anyone!!!

Alisa, England

SV Whitehaven Jan 2012

Loved the trip! it was great fun being on the boat for 3 days and meeting all these nice people! the snorkeling at the Whitsundays was amazing, not to mention the great food that was being served at the boat!!
Thank you for the wonderful 3 days at the best boat !!

Lena, Germany

SV Whitehaven Jan 2012

Had such a brilliant time on the 3 day trip! learning hoe to snorkel was probably the best bit! kayaking was great fun too! met lots of nice people. the crew were fab and the food was great!! :) overall a brilliant experience! defiantly would recommend!! thanks a million :)

Mary, England

SV Whitehaven Jan 2012

the SV Whitehaven was my first overnight trip on a boat and it was a wonderful time in a wonderful part of the world! thew crew were very friendly + very knowledgeable about the boat, the waters we were travelling in + full of information from the islands the history, the legends and the wildlife. i had an amazing time and will never forget my trip to the whitsundays aboard the SV whitehaven!! many thanks

Shelley, Canada

SV Whitehaven Jan 2012

going on the sv whitehaven was an amazing sailing adventure! the staff were awesome and they knew your names. each of them were friendly,helpful and very courteous. they was patient and happy to teach us all how to snorkel and kayak if it was our first time. staff were very knowledgeable on knowing the wildlife and surroundings. food was great!! i loved this sailing adventure!!

Kevin, Canada

SV Whitehaven Jan 2012

Trip was very well-organized, the crew was great - friendly and helpful and knowledgeable. activities were great! food was excellent well prepared and tasty!

Loui, Canada

SV Whitehaven Mar 2008

Hey thanks heaps for a lovely trip.  I finally got to see some nemo fish and the coolest parrot with a bump on the head.  Awesome!  And thanks for all the good food. Absolutely the best I've had on any boat.”

Elisabeth Stordal, Scand

SV Whitehaven Mar 2008

The Whitsundays was a must see part of my visit to Australia. Not one person whom I have met had anything but positive to say about it. now I say the same. The "eco tourism" part of the boat was one of the reasons why I picked this particular trip. And the crew definitely lived up to the brochure details. Not only did they explain about the reef, islands but on our little bush walk, Andy was also explaining about the vegetation on the island. We saw more than I thought we would -sea turtles, maori rass, Bat fish, Reef Sharks, white breasted sea eagle, jelly fish, oyster catchers, white faced rock monkey (Andy!)
The crew were really great and made the trip. Thanks to Zam for the great food.

S O'Sullivan, Ireland

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