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Gypsy Dancer

  • Get involved in sailing or sit back and relax
  • Experienced and knowledgeable crew
  • Freshly prepared meals on board by your host
  • Great value for money and will exceed your expectations
  • Party under the stars of the southern hemisphere with a maximum of 22 passengers
  • A fun sociable tour for the 18-35 adventure market

Gypsy Dancer Whitsundays

Gypsy Dancer is performance sailing at its best on an 18.5-meter maxi racing yacht in comfort and style. With good deck space and spacious comfortable accommodation below makes it perfect for the young, fun and adventurous traveller wanting a social experience with all the best that the Whitsunday Islands have to offer. She has a gypsy soul. She chases the colours of the wind, and dances beneath the shooting stars from the light of the moon.

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