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Save Our Seas from Pollution

Since Skipper Ian Thompson (Thommo) joined Whitsundays Sailing Adventures Islandive, he has always valued the company policy in helping protect and preserve our Great Barrier Reef Park and the marine life within. 

Over the years, Islandive’s Company Directors Keith Roberts and Mike Keyte have avidly supported and been pro-active within local committees in the prevention of waste infiltrating our ocean.  Islandive and its staff continually works in conjunction with the Queensland Marine Park and its environmental program.  

Ian is a participator in Islandive’s Eye on the Reef Program and is well informed and knowledgable on the natural heritage, conservation and the colossal eco-system of the Great Barrier Reef and its environmental threats.

We are proud he is actively going out on his own in April 2010 in his quest to sail around Australia to raise awareness of plastic bags polluting our ocean,  and the devastating effect this has on our marine environment. Ian has Islandive’s full support and we are pleased to be able to contribute to his campaign.

Plastic bags are a true menace to our marine ecosystem.  Non- recyclable, the Australian Government is working with the industry and the community to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bags.  Everyone shares some responsibility for this problem as nearly half a million plastic bags are collected on clean up Australia Day each year.  It takes only four grocery shopping trips for an average Australian family to accumulate 60 plastic bags.  Many people are starting to use reusable bags such as the ‘green bags” you buy at supermarkets.

Plastic bags which are made from natural gas or oil, are especially dangerous to turtles who mistake them for jellyfish, their main food source. 86% of all known species of turtles have had reported problems of entanglement or ingestion of marine debris. ,

Our marine creatures are dying and they need our help.  We ask you to support Ian in his determination to break the record of the fastest person to  sail solo around Australia, and to be the voice of our endangered marine creatures.

Islandive  has put on every vessel  a tin can in the hope that passengers touring on an Islandive vessel will donate a gold coin to contribute towards Ian’s food bill over the 50 days he is at sea.   This donation will go directly towards his expenses and his voyage around Australia to save our wonderful marine creatures. 

Anyone wishing to support his campaign should visit the campaigns website at  

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